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Visit Aspen

Happy September everyone. I can’t believe how fast summer has gone! I had an AMAZING few days in Aspen with my two friends and their parents!! I am so grateful that they let me tag along on their family vacation. I’ve been to Aspen a few times, but this was the longest consecutive stay for me. This gave us some time to try cool restaurants, explore the town, hike, bike, and just hang out. We did a rental condo which had a lot of space for the five of us, and it was right next to the Roaring Fork river.


On the first day we got there, we hung out, went to the grocery store, and cooked frozen pizzas at the condo.

Day 2, started with a 7.5 mile hike to Cathedral Lake and Cathedral Peak. It was surprisingly hard to find Cathedral Peak. After exploring Cathedral Lake, we tried to venture up Electric Pass. However, we didn’t make it all the way because of pending rain storms. Once we got back to town, we decided to hike to Smugglers Mountain. We went to the lookout which was 1.5 miles uphill on a gravel road with lots of switchbacks!

Day 3, Buckskin Pass, a 9 mile hike starting at Maroon Bells. Maroon Bells were beautiful as always, and we saw two moose down by the lake. When you get to Buckskin Pass (this trail is a lot easier to follow and well marked), you see another mountain range facing Snowmass Village.The views are awesome because you see mountains on both sides of the pass. There were a lot of campers that we spoke to who were doing the Four Pass Loop which is 26 miles from West Maroon (12,500 ft), ; Frigid Air (12,415 ft); Trail Rider (12,420 ft);  and ending at Buckskin (12,500 ft).

Day 4, rented bikes at Aspen Bike Rentals and biked about 37 miles from Aspen to Basalt. This was a really maintained bike path that followed the Roaring Fork River from Aspen, to a town called Woody Creek, and finally to Basalt. We met a lot of nice bikers on the trail. The bike ride to Basalt is a gradual downhill, so the bike ride back was a little challenging. I would definitely recommend it though.

Lessons learned in Aspen:

  • The weather can and will always change, so sometimes trust your gut. In our case, we would have finished the hike to Electric Pass if another hiker hadn’t scared us about storms. Needless to say, these storms never came.
  • Know your own athletic ability. Our initial bike plan was a 36 mile loop from Aspen to Snowmass Village, to Woody Creek. The bike ride to Snowmass is completely uphill. The guides encouraged us to do a different bike ride because that one was really difficult. I think we could have done it, oh well, we will have to do it next time.
  • Bike using the “big wheel” of your bike. This means adjust your bike gears to the outer wheel on your bike. This allows you to gain a lot more traction on every pedal and use less energy.
  • There are so many great hikes in Aspen, if you talk to other hikers, you will always find things to add to your Colorado Bucket List. I’ve officially added the Conundrum Hot Springs Hike, Aspen to Crested Butte Hike, and Four Pass Loop to my list.

Enjoy these photos from the trip! I can’t wait to go back to Aspen another time. I truly love this town!


Independence Pass- Highway 82

img_1417 img_1408

Cathedral Lake hike and attempted hike up Electric Pass.


Smugglers Mountain Lookout


Maroon Bells, and Maroon Lake.



MOOSE! I saw three different moose this August. Colorado tourist win!

img_1489 img_1490

Biking to Basalt.

img_1487 img_1486

Dinner one night. We ate at a Mexican restaurant called Venga Venga. These shrimp enchiladas and chili relleno were so gooooood. This restaurant is owned by the same people as Tamayo and La Sandia in Denver.

Have you ever been to Aspen? Whats your favorite thing to do there?


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