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Vegetarian Eating

Often times when people ask me why I’m a vegetarian, I get really uncomfortable, say like one sentence and then shrug it off. This probably seems like I’m being rude or stand-offish, but there isn’t a short answer to this question. When I really think about it, it’s probably 1/2 dislike of meat, 1/4 health, 1/4 environmental/economical reasons. Here goes nothing in terms of providing an explanation, and DISCLAIMER- this is not meant to persuade anyone to become a vegetarian.

1/2 dislike of meat– As a young child I didn’t really like meat. My parents and sister LOVE meat. When we were younger my sister’s favorite food was filet mignon. I think I ate so much meat or was forced to at least try it that I became sick of it. I was always the weird 8 year old who loved to eat vegetables.

1/4 health- As I got older, I learned that about health aspects of meat. I’m not talking about a red meat vs. white meat health issue here. I learned about all the growth hormones in animals and the chemicals that are used in factories. I don’t take a lot of medicine to avoid hormones and be natural, so why would I choose to eat them.

1/4 environmental/economical/politics– If you’ve ever seen the movie Food, Inc, you know that there is a lot of politics behind the food industry. The production of meat in the United States alone leads to so much carbon emissions from the production of meat, transportation, and even the intense amount of cows. I choose to vote with my dollar and for this reason I try to stay with local foods at the grocery store and farmers markets. Eating mass produced meat didn’t really align with those beliefs.

All of these ideas started at once, and in 2009 I decided to try being a vegetarian for one month. I never really went back. I’ve always liked fish (only weirdos liked crab legs at age 10). So I still choose to eat it. One other thing I love is soup! In restaurants I know that most soup has chicken broth, but sometimes I will choose to eat it anyways. When I make my own soups in the winter, I make them with veggie broth.

With this type of pescatarian/flexitarian lifestyle, I have no problem finding food to eat when I go out. There are times when I know there won’t be many options for me and I will choose to eat at home before going somewhere or eat a large snack. One example is baseball games, a lot of times the only options for me are pizza or fried fish. While I like both of these things in moderation, once and awhile I will eat before a game.

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A few of my vegetarian/pescetarian meals this week-


This week’s workouts–

Sunday- 2.5 mile run at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis with a friend.
Monday- 45 min- about 10 mile bike ride after work
Tuesday- 30 min swim following this workout from www.100swimmingworkouts.com
Wednesday- off day, 0.75 mile run with a friend to coffee and walking back.
Thursday/TODAY- Orange theory fitness, the workout was a strength day, lots of hills and arm workouts.

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