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Up North

Growing up in Minnesota, I always told people I was from the Midwest. After moving to Colorado, I learned there were a lot of places that people called the Midwest- Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, the Dakotas, Iowa, Kansas (and probably a lot more). Once someone asked me if I was from the north, and my first reaction was to be offended and say, no I’m from the midwest. I quickly remembered that Minnesota is in the northern part of the US, and I have learned to accept the term northerner.

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For many years as a child, we went to my aunt and uncle’s cabin on The North Shore. Their cabin is  4.5 hours from Minneapolis and 40 miles from the Canadian border. So this further proved that I was from the north.

In middle school, I began going to a church camp in Lutsen, Minnesota. This camp and Lake Caribou have a special place in my heart. I volunteered there in high school and then I worked various jobs there for three summers. Now, each summer, I spend a few days volunteering as a cook up there. It’s a great time to relax with friends and recharge! I loved seeing my MN/camp friends, it was really fun to spend quality time with a lot of them at our favorite place.

up-northimg_0950    Beautiful Lake Caribou.

Also the views are pretty great, and there is some great trail running on Superior Hiking Trail.


Day 1- trail run, this is a foggy few of the Superior Hiking Trail and Lake Agnes.


Day 2- It was sunny for this trail run 🙂

A few Grand Marais highlights

  • Voyageur Brewing Company, fun brewery and great views of the Lake
  • Angry Trout Cafe, order the best salad and salad dressing of your life here with fresh caught fish from Lake Superior. I love sitting on their patio overlooking the lake.
  • World’s Best Donuts, thats the name of the restaurant, enough said..
  • Siverston Art Gallery, I would love to own one of their originals one day, but for now I love to purchase their jewelry! I bought two great rings here over the weekend.
  • Lake Superior Trading Post, this place sells everything- camping gear, cute kitchen utensils, recipe books, home decoration stuff, clothes, and candles. This weekend I bought a recipe book about Kale, a new serving spoon dish for my oven, and some Minnesota Wild rice.
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Views from the Grand Marais Harbor.

A few spots I’ve been meaning to check out-

  • Canal Park Brewery, this brewery is in Duluth
  • North Shore Winery, this winery opened a couple weeks ago near Lutsen Ski Resort, I didn’t make it there but a few of my friends checked it out and recommended it.

Are there any places you recommend in northern Minnesota?

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