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Two new workouts

Hi everyone, happy Monday! I had a busy weekend of sports, Friday night I went to the Nuggets game with a friend. Saturday morning I went skiing at Winter Park, and then I watched the Badger football game. I’m still a little heartbroken by the Badgers, but life will move on. Today I wanted to share two new workouts with you. Well, I guess these workouts aren’t new to me, but they are new to the blog, so enjoy!

Swim workout

As I mentioned in my now what¬†post, I am trying to swim more this year. Last Friday, I went to the rec center pool and I did this workout. I really enjoy it because its simple, and it works your whole body. Swimming is a mentally challenging workout for me. Its hard to motivate myself to get out of bed, drive to the rec center, and get in the pool in the mornings. Sometimes, I will swim after work. When I do this workout, I don’t do the butterfly. Confession, I never learned how to do the butterfly in the swim lesson days. So for the 4 x 100 IM, I repeat between front crawl, backstroke, and breastroke.

Swim workout

This workout takes me about 30 minutes, which is about as long as I can swim before getting bored or mentally drained. Let me know if you try this workout by using the @themilestraveled on instagram or facebook!

Ladder workout

This workout is great because it doesn’t require any equipment. The only thing you need is a stop watch. It is also very easy to modify based on your time constraints and workout preferences. Doing the full set will take you about 45 minutes, but you can always stop while going down the ladder at whatever time you prefer. I usually do this for about 30 minutes if I’m pressed for workout time.

What is a ladder workout: a ladder workout is set up to perform one or more exercises (5 in this case) with an ascending or descending repetition. For example, do 10×10 (100) jumping jacks, 100 leg lifts total, 100 ab exercises, 100 second wall sit, and 10 pushups. On the next round do everything in 90s or 9s.

two new workouts


  1. I usually do traditional jumping jacks throughout the whole workout
  2. I will do a variety of leg lifts. Traditional where I lay on one side, and lift upward; calf raises; donkey kicks; fire hydrant kicks; balancing on one leg and bending over to touch the floor; etc.
  3. I usually start with a crunch, and then I switch it up between seated rotations, reverse crunches, crunches with my legs in a triangle position, side crunches, etc.
  4. Wall sits are my least favorite part of this workout, I am so impatient, and they are mentally hard for me. Make sure to keep your legs bent at a 90 degree angle with the wall!
  5. I do regular pushups, but a modification would be to put your knees down or do spider pushups where your arms are closer to your body.

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