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Triathlon Training Weeks 3 and 4

Wow tri training is more time consuming than I thought. I have done a couple weekday workouts that are almost an hour. This triathlon training plan is no joke with the time commitment. Not sure why, but I thought I would be doing one 30-45 min workout per day and then one longer workout on the weekend. Oops this runner was fooled. Following a training plan for this triathlon has been a bit of a learning experience.


Over the past few weeks, I have been getting up very early. This means I’m tired at like 9pm. It’s been a bit of a struggle to get up every day though, I can’t lie. There have been a few evening workouts to make up for turning my alarm off so many times. Fail. It’s funny because I am a morning person, but early alarms to work out don’t always happen. I wish I could stop snoozing my alarm, but at this point, I can’t. One thing to note is I’ve been leaving for work around 8am. In Jan-March I was leaving for work between 730-745. It’s crazy how this 15-30 minutes make a difference.

Swimming, I’ve been counting my laps in the pool, which is something I don’t consistently do. Seeing how long it takes for me do swim a certain distance gives me confidence. My hope is that I keep my calm in the open water this year. I used a lot of extra energy by getting anxious in the water. Saving that energy would really help me for the bike and swim.

I plan to rent a wet suit for the race. I think the water will still be a little cold, so to prepare I will be using a wet suit. Eeeeek I have never used one before! But I think it will be a good addition to race day.

How my body feels. Besides sore pretty good. I hope I’ve finally kicked any pain from tripping in January. Funny to write that 1) bc I was so affected by tripping on a short run and I was sore in more than my ankle which took the pain of the fall 2) I fell when I was in Houston visiting a dear friend, now I’m flying to visit that same friend at her parents in Dallas. Hopefully this injury is completely over. This injury did make me appreciate the times when I’m healthy. And it makes me appreciate the things my body can do when it is healthy. It can do a lot and I’m so thankful for that.


Happy to be on an early morning run!

Thinking out loud with Amanda

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