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Triathlon Training week 1 and 2

It’s been a beautiful week in Denver, pretty sunny and warm! I love it! I’ve been working less these last couple weeks and transitioning between working less and being more social with friends. It’s been a lot of fun, but it is a weird transition. I’ve had a few evening workouts because I’ve been too tired/sore *aka lazy* in the morning. It’s been a good balance though. Usually when I start training for a race I make a pretty serious calendar.

These calendars are hard copy (because I’m old school), and I like to log my workouts. I still have to make my calendar for this race, but I am being slow at it. I think my lack of urgency has to do with my fear of getting injured. I’m a little worried if I make a routine that I will get hurt or have to deviate from it. Just thinking out loud over here.

I have a few goals for triathlon training though:

1. Swim 1 to 2 times a week
2. Do one longer combined workout a week (where I do two activities such as bike then run or swim then bike)
3. Continue to foam roll. I found a good foam roll workout yesterday that I want to incorporate into my regime.
4. Avoid injury and listen to my body when it bothers me. This may cause me to train a little less than I hoped, but I want to finish the race healthy.
5. The race is June 3rd, and no one wants to start the summer with an injury. Especially with all the fun trips I have planned. Oops this isn’t a goal, just a fact.
6. Drink lots of water, this week I realized I haven’t been drinking as much water at work. I need to bring my big water bottle back and start filling it 3 times before I leave for the day. Good thing I got a new water bottle in the mail last week. It’s one of the cold water bottles.
7. Keep up OrangeTheory every week.


Race Day Goals

A. Stay calm while swimming, this is going to be more important on race day in the open water. Last race, I freaked out a bit in the water, and I know that caused me to lose energy for the bike and run.
B. I’m still trying to figure out my final time goal, but I’m hoping for 3 hours. I have some new bike shoes which I think will help, and I feel a lot stronger for the swim. My sprint time was 1:48, but I’m hoping to gain some speed with this training. Realistically I would be happy with a 3:15-3:30 race but we will see!

Just writing this, I am getting more and more excited for race day! Can’t wait to share more about my training and eventually race day with you guys. Have you ever done a triathlon?

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