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The right running shoe

We made it through Monday! Seriously yesterday was rough. Didn’t sleep great, and skipped my workout. This meant that I would run after a bible study dinner. The dinner was awesome, more to come on that in another post! Back to the programming– in college, I ran once a week with UW running club and I ended up taking on leadership roles with this organization. I had some great running mentors and I learned that I should buy shoes at specialized running stores. Once I went to a speciality running store, at the time my favorite was Movin Shoes Madison, I was fitted for the right running shoe. My favorite shoe brand since college has been Asics. I love my Asics Gel Cumulus


When I first started running, I remember running many laps at our college gym. The gym closest to my dorm was about 9 times around for a mile. Since Winter in the Midwest isn’t always ideal, I did a lot of triathlon training inside that gym. I remember getting sooo dizzy.

But one of the many things I learned my freshmen year was that shoes do matter when running longer distances. As a recreational runner going one or two times a week, your body and form will perform fine on any shoes. But just like any sport, as you start committing lots of time (and distance) gear does matter.


Running shoe rules of thumb

  1. A shoe last about 200-300 miles. So when marathon training I usually get a new pair of shoes a few weeks before the race.
  2. Get fitted for the right shoes (see above)
  3. Runningwarehouse.com has great deals if you know what shoes or accessories you are looking for.  I love their free two day shipping. (let’s be honest I love free shipping anywhere!)
  4.  If you find a pair that works, stick with them. I have worn probably 15 pairs of the asics.
  5. After an injury, it can be useful to get your feet and gait (running form) reevaluated for shoes.

Sidenote, after drafting this post on the plane last weekend, I had a similar conversation with a friend about shoes. If you are able to do long distances like half marathon or marathon training without injuries, your shoes are working well for you!  I would keep with the same shoes unless there was an issue.

Do you have a favorite running shoe?


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