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The Beginning

Colorado has many great things- mountains for hiking and skiing, craft breweries for hanging out with friends, and lots of restaurants. However, one thing that Colorado lacks is the midwest lakes. This weekend, I went with a couple friends in search of said Colorado lakes. On Saturday morning, we got into the car, and headed to Mohawk Lakes near Breckenridge. Breckenridge is about 1.5 hours from Denver,  so it makes for a great day trip. 

When we arrived, the Spruce Creek trailhead at Mohawk Lakes was starting to fill up. This hike is great because it has a variety of scenery, you begin by walking in the woods, next you can go off the trail a bit to a beautiful waterfall. Once you start approaching tree line, you will see the first lake- Lower Mohawk Lake, and if you keep going a bit after that, you will find Upper Mohawk Lake. Besides the beautiful lakes, there is also great mountain scenery, and if you are lucky you may see a mountain goat (or two in our case).

*pro tip– for a shorter hike, park at the upper parking lot, but make sure to bring a 4WD vehicle as the gravel road is a bit rough


Beautiful waterfall


Lake #1- Lower Mohawk Lake


Lake #2- Upper Mohawk Lake

There were a few people fishing in the upper lake, but for the most part people stayed out of the water. The lakes get a lot of mountain run-off and with the snow (pictured above) they are pretty cold. It can be fun to pack a swimsuit, towel, and dry clothes and make the Colorado “Polar Plunge” up there.

Until next time!

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