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Thanksgiving long weekend

​Hi everyone. Happy Thursday. Has your week been going quickly? I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Trying to check things off my list, but the days have been going fast. At least we only have two work days left. I’m looking forward to the weekend and getting a ski day in. How was your Thanksgiving long weekend?

In one word, mine was relaxing. After so much travel this month, it was nice to NOT have plans. I spent most nights at my parents house going to bed early. I had small plans most mornings, so it was nice to hit the hay early. I saw some friends, had some great meals, and watched football.

Thanksgiving day

On thanksgiving, we went to my aunt and uncles in Rochester. It’s about 1.5 hours from my parents and it was nice to see everyone. The meal was amazing as usual and I loved having leftovers for a few days. There were 15 people this year which is a little low for thanksgiving but we had a lot of fun.



Black Friday

My family did Black Friday again this year. Everyone is always surprised by this, but I promise by 10am it’s not that busy at The Mall. The Mall of America has a lot of people walking around, but there are so many stores that they aren’t too busy. I suggest having a few stores in mind to tackle that day. I’ll be back with my finds later this week. And don’t worry, I did some online shopping at Nordstrom too and can’t wait to try on my stuff. Hoping my over the knee boots work out!

Christmas tree

I’m the crazy person who insists my family get a real tree every year. Since I left for college, we’ve gotten in the habit of putting up the tree really late. However, this year we were on top of our game. We got our tree around dinner on Black Friday and decorated it on Saturday evening. I always get so sentimental about ornaments from my Childhood. My family still has my grandmas stocking (she passed in 2015) and it was sad to see that. After decorating the tree we went out for Sebastian Joes ice cream. My aunt who was visiting from Phoenix thought we were crazy for getting ice cream when it’s 30 degrees out. But there were a lot of people at the ice cream shop.



Friday- Black Friday shopping got me a lot of steps, and then 1.5 mile walk in my parents neighborhood. Followed this with 15 minutes of leg.

Saturday- Another walk in my neighborhood for about an hour.
Sunday- Two different walk, one with friends at the lake to catch up, and another in the Nature reserve by my parents
Monday- didn’t get all my steps in, but I got close with 11,000. Traveling days aren’t always exercise days for me.
Tuesday- long walk with a friend where I got 8,000 steps in before work. 15 minutes of arms in the evening.

That’s it for now. Have a good rest of your week!

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