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Swimming journey

Has it been a long week for you guys? Flying back on Monday morning makes Monday seem like Wednesday, and so all my days get mixed up. As I told you, I’m happy to be back in Denver though!! I don’t have much on the agenda for the weekend, which I’m pretty excited about. I’m going to happy hour with an old coworker, and I’m hoping to get a ski day in. On Sunday I’m helping out at church in the morning. Last week, I was swimming in the morning, and I wanted to tell you a bit about my swimming journey.

I’m not sure if every child grows up learning how to swim, but in Minnesota there are lakes everywhere and basically everyone I know took swimming lessons at some time. I think that swimming lessons are essential wherever you grew up, but i thought that everyone learned how to ice skate in their childhood. My Colorado coworkers had only been once or twice in their whole life. I still can’t believe that!!! So I grew up taking swimming lessons at the YMCA and then later, at the beach my parents house. I always loved playing the water and hanging with friends at the lake, pool, beach etc.


Swimming Journey

However, I never really saw swimming as exercise. In middle school and high school, we spent lots of summers laying out by the pool. Why was getting sooooo tan really cool? I’m not sure. I wear A LOT of sunscreen now. When I started running in college, I had a few injuries along the way. During one of them I started going to the pool. I think my first time at the pool in college was in a sports bra, and bikini bottoms because I didn’t actually own a one piece. Hahah those were the days. I swam in college whenever I was injured, or sometimes when it was too cold to run outside. The pool in college was olympic distance, and once I got over the worry that I was going to drown I liked it. But I would still choose running anyday.


I also swam a few times when I was training for sprint triathlons. Fast forward to Spring/Summer 2018. I was training for an olympic triathlon which had me doing a few double workouts where I would swim and run. This was the first time I actually counted my swimming distance, and that I started to feel confident in my swimming skills. For the first time in my life I really enjoyed swimming laps. I also went Open Water Swimming a few times. Once it gets warm enough in Denver, I am really excited to do this again. I really probably start swimming outside in June!


Also, I’m still processing my thoughts on the Florida high school shooting. I found out that I guy I worked with the summer of 2011 was shot. He was putting students in his classroom and locking the door when he was shot. I’m so sad. Scott Biegel, you are a hero. We are proud of you. Prayers and thoughts for Parkland high school, the families involved, the Biegel family, and the Camp Starlight Community.

Do you enjoy swimming?

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