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Slopeside Steamboat

Remember when I went to Steamboat in December? It was a pretty great trip. Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go back!! Once again, it was so much fun!!! The last time I was in Steamboat, only 1/3 of the terrain was open, and this time, the whole mountain was open!!  I went with two college friends (now Denver friends), and we had a blast exploring the mountain.

Also, unrelated note, but who is watching This Is Us? I’m obsessed, and I cry in almost every episode. I started watching the show in January, and I quickly caught up and get so excited to watch it every week. I can’t believe next week will be the season finale, I don’t want it to end. Based on the previews, it will be a tear jerker for sure!

Okay, back to normal programming over here. I had so much fun exploring the Black Diamond terrain at Steamboat, we stayed near Storm Peak Express for a lot of it, but it was really fun. We were there for President’s Day weekend which is a really busy weekend for ski towns, but it wasn’t too bad compared to the front range mountains. After a couple weekends in Steamboat, and one in Crested Butte (post coming soon), I am quickly becoming a hater of the front range mountains… Gotta check my attitude soon! My favorite area of Steamboat was the “chutes”, I loved the Christmas Tree Chute run. This run is actually called Christmas Tree Bowl hahaha.

  The first time I tried to take this selfie, I dropped my phone in the snow hahahah!

While we were in Steamboat, we went to Salt and Lime (again!) and I still love it! The tacos were great, and margaritas are the best! One night after hot tubbing at the hotel, we ordered Brooklyn’s Pizza, it was really tasty! I highly recommend it. On Saturday night, we checked out Sunpies bar which was pretty divey but also a blast! When we were leaving town, we were looking for a quick meal, we ended up at Freshie’s for lunch (recommended by our Lyft driver), and it was so delicious. It was a sit down restaurant with a bit of a wait for Sunday brunch but we loved our veggie burgers, soup, and salad. I highly recommend it.

What’s your favorite ski town and why??

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