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Ski season

Yay its Friday again. This week felt REALLY long, it started with me flying from Milwaukee to St Louis (2 hr layover) to Little Rock for a work trip. I got in late on Sunday night, so that always makes for a rough start. I got back to Denver last night around dinner and I’m happy to be in town for the day! Heading to Fort Worth, Texas for a wedding tonight and excited to see some friends there!

Remember on Tuesday when I wasn’t sure how much I would be posting?? Last Sunday, I even told a friend I wasn’t sure about blogging anymore. HAHAHA Well, that was short-lived because I’m posting again. I can’t promise that my blogging will continue through busy times at work (Jan-March) but we will see. I’m still trying to put less blogging pressure on myself and try to enjoy it.


Side note, sushi always tastes better when work is paying.

Ski Season

Ski season has started in Colorado, most of the resorts are open by this weekend. Oddly enough, I haven’t been to the mountains yet. Most years I try to ski one of the weekends around my birthday, but as you can see above November has been a crazy month for me. I’m hoping to get 5 or so days in before Christmas.

The other evening when I was doing a leg workout, I was thinking about ski exercises . Based on my mild soreness after 15 min of legs, I should probably start doing these. This year my squat jumps will be squats, and my skaters won’t be jumping either, but I think these exercises will help strengthen my leg muscles.


Exercise Hiatus

I posted about this on my instagram but its been hard to motivate myself recently for exercise and life. When I wake up and know that I can’t run, I feel defeated. Even more defeated if my stomach bothers me in the morning. But one thing I have learned is that getting a good sweat in does help. When I do a treadmill incline work out, I definitely get sweating AND I even have time to catch up on social media. Doing this does help my mood for the day. Remembering that I can still do low impact arms and legs does help and makes me feel less limited in my exercise. This morning I went to a Fierce 45 class, and I loved it. Shout out to my girls for the gift card!!



I want to try this recipe. I’ve never cooked with canned salmon before…..

Whats on your agenda for the weekend?

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