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Ski gear recommendations

Growing up in Minnesota, it was always important to dress warm and dress in layers. You would never know if it would get warm while you are playing outside, so you always wanted to dress for the tundra, I guess its called the polar vortex now. This be prepared mantra was always important, but even more so during ski season. Obviously, there are some essentials for the sport: a coat, snow pants, and ski equipment. But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to wear under all the or on your face and fingers.

Giro helmet

On warmer days, I get away with just everyday workout clothes or a sweatshirt. On the colder days, I like to wear some really sturdy base layers. Some of my favorites are a pair of thicker leggings (usually running pants), and sometimes I will wear a second layer too like long underwear.

Ski Gear Recommendations

Gloves and Glove Liners -I have Swany Toaster gloves from a few years back. But I love them! They have built in liners and are really warm. In high school everyone had mittens with liners built in them, and they are my favorite. A similar pair is found here .

Swany Toaster Ski Gloves

Helmet. I love my Giro helmet that I bought a couple years ago. Similar helmets for women- here, here, for men- here, and here.

 Giro helmet

Neck gator and goggles, I have a few of these Buffs which are lighter, and some thicker Turtle Fur ones too.  Shop Buffs here, and here, and Turtle Fur- here and here.  My favorite neck warmer came with my Anon Goggles and attach to the top with a magnet, they are amazing when its snowing or really windy! Anon has a few of these types of googles, see similar here and here. Growing up I always wanted POC goggles.

Anon goggles

The final look

Final Look

Also check out Steamboat Ski weekend, and Base Push All Out

Have a great holiday!! I’m heading back to Minneapolis later tomorrow, I’m really excited to see friends and family!!!

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