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Ski day adventures

Merry Christmas (a day late) to all of you! I hope you had a great Christmas and Christmas Eve with your families and friends. Our family keeps it pretty low key for Christmas, but we went to church, dinner, and then celebrated Christmas at home with some movies. It was a great couple days! It’s funny, we are a family who doesn’t do big gifts, from my parents I get cash, and I get them some small things. We are the spend your money on the things you want during the year kind of family. But it was still a lot of fun! I’m excited to see my extended family who will be here over the weekend for New Years! Have you been staying active over the holidays? I’ve been trying to and using these tips from last year. Last week, I took some vacation time and headed to the mountains. I wanted to tell you about my ski day adventures.

Ski Day Adventures- Steamboat

My friend Christy from high school came out for a couple days to ski. Fun fact: we actually skied on our high school race team together for a few years. We also went on trips to Giant’s Ridge in MN together in middle school. She arrived in the afternoon on Saturday, so we grabbed lunch, then we picked up her friend on the way to Steamboat. Can you tell that Steamboat is one of my favorite mountain towns? I have shared about Steamboat a few times– Skiing 2016 , Feb 2017 ski, and Summertime.



The day we skied at Steamboat was a little eery. It was little snowing in the morning, and I get a bit of nausea/vertigo from the low light on those types of days. But my lunch it cleared out it was a lot easier to see. There were a decent amount of lifts open at Steamboat, and luckily the lines weren’t long. We stopped at the action photographer, and I got a cheesy action photo. Haven’t had one of those since high school skiing…. that being said I should find those photos.



That evening (Sunday), we headed to Avon to stay at a friends place. We grabbed dinner in Vail Village (another favorite of mine) at Wild Bison, the gnocchi was really good! We also stopped for a drink at The George and Red Lion. Even on a Sunday night, the music at Red Lion was a lot of fun! Monday morning, we skied at Vail. Weekday skiing is the best, there are no lines and the mountain isn’t crowded. One day I hope to have a job where I can weekday ski. Vail was awesome as usual. I got 19,700 vertical feet of skiing in! So close to 20,000!ski-day-adventures

Tuesday was the day my friend was flying back to MN. We decided to skip skiing and go on a snowshoe adventure. We thought that the Beaver Creek snowshoe area would be open since its at 11,000 feet but it wasn’t .The guides at the Nordic Center gave us a recommendation for a long walk from the ski village to a parking lot in town. It went through the golf course and was really pretty. Then we grabbed lunch at Westside Cafe (amazing food) before heading back to Denver.


Wednesday was a work day for me. And Thursday I headed back up for a solo ski day at Keystone. Keystone is one of my favorite places because its so close to Denver. Also, I know the resort really well. I was dreading the drive alone, but I realized I had two audiobooks from the library that were about to expire. So I cranked them out between the drive and the chairlift.

I had a great ski day and I skied 20,000 vertical feet before heading back to Denver. I had a great dinner with a friend before heading back to Minneapolis.




It’s been snowing like crazy in Summit County and I can’t wait for more ski days when I get back! Have you had any fun ski days yet this year?
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