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Shopping Trader Joe’s

I’m a regular at Trader Joe’s. I started shopping here in college, it was a little farther off campus then but it was near my babysitting jobs. Since I started cooking more, I really appreciated some of the precooked foods at Trader Joe’s. (see below). In Denver, I live only a few blocks from a Whole Foods. But I try to avoid shopping there because of cost. Whenever I go to Whole Foods, I end up accidentally spending more on food than I would have liked.

Every year or so, I check my sources on the difference in price between Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. What I usually find is that for staples and grocery store basics, Trader Joe’s is less expensive.

Trader Joes vs. Whole Foods 2016

I thought I would share a few of my favorites at Trader Joe’s with you guys. A lot of times, I improvise or add to these foods to make a more wholesome meal.

For lunch/dinner:


I love the Trader Joe’s premade ravioli, they have a lot of flavors- ricotta and lemon, butternut squash, mushroom, meat, etc. It makes for an easy lunch or dinner. You can pull it out of the freezer, and boil the noodles for about 7 minutes. I add sauteed veggies.


Lentil soup and Minestrone soup are really tasty too. If I add veggies, I can make two meals out of this large container. These soups are very hearty so you don’t get hungry right away.


As mentioned before, I eat quinoa/rice/couscous with veggies for a lot of my meals. I love this quinoa, it always tastes good and is easy to make with water or veggie/chicken broth.


Eggplant patties, these are a great way to add some flavor, crunch, etc to my meals.


Made this pizza for lunch/dinner this week. Can you call it meal planning when its heating up trader joes premade food?? I hope so!

For snack:


I always have a couple granola bars in my purse, work bag, hiking bag. I like these ones for the taste. They aren’t too sweet for me and they are inexpensive


Chips and salsa or guac are a MUST. I really like these chips because they have more substance than regular tortilla chips. They also have a great taste. Most people are skeptical when I bring them to potlucks or share them, but they are pretty well received.

I love all the variations of Trader Joe’s popcorn, they always have unique flavors, and I always find something good!



I use sauce on lots of my meals. This one is so good, its mild, and it mixes well with most veggies and rice or grains. I probably have this once a week!


I usually drink almond or soy milk. I really like the Trader Joe’s brand because its inexpensive, but it tastes good. Their vanilla almond milk is really great also, it mixes well in coffee for some additional flavor.

One of my best friends recommends the Tamales in the freezer section. I bought them last week but I haven’t tried them yet!

What are your favorite Trader Joe’s foods?

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