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Running issues.

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend should be pretty low key which I’m excited about. I have a baby shower and will be going to a halloween party! Can’t believe that Halloween came already. In college, halloween was such a big deal, and now I am kind of boring when it comes to the holiday.  Do you have any spooky Halloween plans this weekend? Today I wanted to chat with you about my running issues and how I’m handling them.

Running-issues(A Sunday evening walk at Wash Park. This sunset was crazy, everyone was stopping their workout to take pictures. Then when I went on social media that night, everyone was posting about it)

Running issues- History

I haven’t run since August 27th, exactly two months today. It all started with a right side pain, that has healed and now I have digestive pain on my left side. That pain has been mostly cured/treated by prescription Prilosec. But two weird unknowns are that my left side hurts when I attempt to run. I haven’t tried every sport, but it seems to be affected if I do a lot of jumping, and it was a little irritated when I swam recently. Additionally, I am very fatigued, my body wants me to sleep at least 9 hours a night. So it’s been difficult to get up and go on walks in the morning.

What’s next

I’m trying to walk about 12,000 steps a day, but I missed a couple days this week. I want to see if swimming bothers my side and start swimming more. Biking has been good too, but it’s been so cold in the mornings so hard to motivate myself to bike. Every few days, I try to run and see how it goes. I also went back to 3 classes a month on Class Pass and I will be doing some low impact classes in the next few weeks. Hoping to get back to OTF soon, but trying to see where my tiredness is and I might wait til after some work travel to restart my membership. 515am classes are EARLY.


(Front lunge at Fierce 45, seriously this class is always hard, especially when I haven’t been in awhile)


It’s hard to not have answers and not know the next steps in the plan. I wish it was like a running training plan where I knew if I swam/biked/walked/hiked for a month I would see the running results that I wanted. Positivity has been a goal of mine as I struggle with these running issues.

This week in workouts-

Monday- off
Tuesday- off, but I did bike to work about 8 miles
Wednesday- bike to work about 8 miles, and got my 12,000 steps in with an evening walk.
Thursday- Fierce 45 class in the am


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