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Roller blading workouts

Growing up in the Midwest, I loved to roller blade. Once I moved to Colorado, I realized that roller blading wasn’t common everywhere. I’m not sure why less people roller blade in Colorado, but I’m a little sad about it. In the Midwest, it’s normal to go roller blading around the lakes with friends.  Recently, I’ve really enjoyed roller blading workouts.

roller blading workouts

Roller blading is a low impact workout which can be good for the injury prone and anyone with knee injuries. Rollerblading is a good aerobic/cardiovascular exercise- “According to the Mayo Clinic, a 160-pound person, can burn 913 calories in a single hour of rollerblading. In contrast, that same person will only burn 584 calories jogging at 5 mph or 277 calories walking at 3.5 mph for a similar time period.”

Roller blading also builds specific muscles- upper leg, buttocks, hips, and lower back. It helps with balance as well. Roller blading is great offseason training for skiing. It builds similar muscles to skiing. The motion of roller blading is similar to skiing and getting on your edges- “The same muscles you use to stride skates, you’ll use to weight an edge on your skis, un-weight and pull your skis to neutral, then push down again and stand on your new edge.”

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Roller blades can be bought at Dicks Sporting Goods. Mine cost about $50 and they are children’s sizes. Pro tip: Kids shoes fit women up to size 8 for a lot cheaper price. I buy kids shoes once and while and save about $30/pair. Target  sells them as well.

I learned to roller blade in the fearless childhood days, but I recommend taking it easy when you are first learning. It takes a bit to get used to balancing on them, but once you get comfortable it is pretty easy. So grab a friend (or call me) to start roller blading!

When I roller blade for exercise, I will go to the park and get my heartrate up for about 4 miles/30 minutes. This can be a great exercise before work because you don’t get as sweaty as running. I enjoy being outside before a long work day, and roller blading helps me with that.

Roller blading workouts roller blading workouts

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