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Race Goals 2017: Triathlon

Well, January is half over, and social media is filled with resolutions, fitness goals, and the New Year, New You.  I know that the new year can be a great time to start over on fitness goals and losing weight, but I believe fitness based mind-set all year is a way better approach.  One way I like to put fitness first is by signing up for and committing to a race. I haven’t signed up for a 2017 triathlon yet, but I have been researching races. (Sadly, picking a race has been on my list of things to do for about a month now….)


If you’ve never done a tri, here are some reasons I recommend them.
1. Switching things up from a normal fitness routine. When I tell people that I have done a couple triathlons (Outdoor Tri Review), I often here that people are intimidated by swimming. I remember when I felt that way about swimming too, once I started going to the pool, these fears and anxieties quickly went away. I think I started swimming months before my tri but once I was able to swim for a 20 min workout, I felt more confident.

2. Enjoying the weather. Training for a tri can be so enjoyable when the weather is nice! It’s a great way to get outside and zone out for a couple hours. Doesn’t everyone love to run and bike outside on warm spring or summer weekends?


3. Friends who race together, stay together. As you know, I am a crazy person who signs up for races with friends. I’ve even done a few destination races with friends. But I truly believe in workouts, and training sessions with friends. You can learn so much about someone on a long run.

A questions to ask yourself before signing up for a triathlon

  • Will you need a wetsuit? Usually the race website will tell you what the estimated water temperatures are. Don’t worry, you can rent them if needed for race day!
  • Is your bike sturdy enough for the distance? If not, you can always rent or borrow from a friend, but I recommend trying the bike out a few times before race day.
  • Am I comfortable swimming in open water? I suggest practicing in a pool, but open water brings its own challenges. Remember to adjust your swim to how you are feeling that day. Take it slow, and enjoy the day!
  • Do you have proper footwear? Before I start training for any type of race, I analyze my running shoes. I check if they are getting worn out on the bottom, and if my legs start to hurt at all when running over 3 miles. Stopping by a local running store to get the RIGHT shoes is a great investment in your body!


Have you ever done a triathlon?? Are there any races on your list for 2017?

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