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Photos lately

Happy Tuesday everyone. This post is going out pretty late (about 14 hours) but life happened. Last night I was able to make it to a bible study meeting and didn’t get my post written. Oops, the community time was worth it with friends. And I had a softball game after work today- we won! I realized that I’ve been taking photos on my phone, but haven’t had time to share with you. So this might become a new series, Photos lately. Hope you like it!


I’ve been going on weekend bike rides, and I love it! It’s a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when its nice out!


I love my new bike shoes! I had a couple slow motion falls recently… so fail, but now I’m starting to learn how to use them better.

photos-latelyWe’ve had some nice weekends recently, and I love exploring in Boulder when its nice out. Sanitas Mountain is one of my favorites, and I always recommend it to people. It’s a medium-hard hike (especially if you try and speed) but its close to Denver and only take a couple hours!


Made a Whole 30 dinner with my sister a few weeks ago! Shout out to my friend Kelly who completed Whole 30. This meal was salmon with olive oil and salt, zucchini noodles with lemon dressing, and salad with a lemon dressing. My whole 30 dressings aren’t very creative yet. Also, I made Sweet Potato Carbonara the other week from Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci. It was so good!! BUT sweet potatoes are hard to spiralize with my handheld spiralizer. For now I’m sticking to zucchini!

photos-lately With triathlon training comes mornings at the rec center pool. Getting up to go swimming is soooo hard for me!

photos-lately You have to try the Poke Nachos at Yard house! So tasty!

photos-lately Two of my Mn friends visited a couple weeks ago. We went snow shoeing in Breckenridge. It was beautiful!

photos-lately Zucchini Parmesan sandwich at Park and Main in Breck. Park and Main is one of my favorite spots after a day on the mountain.

photos-lately photos-latelySnow shoeing cont.

photos-latelyTasty vegetable tikka misala in Rocky Mountain National Park.

photos-lately Exploring Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain.

photos-lately photos-lately Rockies opening day with these great coworkers! (And my managers daughter!)

photos-lately photos-latelyWent to a charity event with the Eating disorder foundation. It was a lot of fun dressing up with friends for a great cause. The last picture though hahaha.

That’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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    Fun to see what you are up to Cait!