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Packing your hiking bag

When I moved to Colorado in August 2013, I knew I wanted to become a hiker. I hadn’t done much hiking living in the midwest, but I’d taken many trips to Colorado over the years and done short hikes there. I’d also done some MN trail running and hiking on the Superior Hiking trail.

The first big hike I ever went on was with about 20 people from my company and we went to Quandary Peak with a summit of 14,265 Feet. I borrowed a backpack, Camel Bak reservoir, and hiking shoes from a friend.

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Throw back to 2013, the Packers must have played that Sunday– GO PACK GO

Since then I have invested in my own hiking gear, and here are a few recommendations:

  • A great backpack is key- Mine is the REI Flash 18, I also like these two with outer pockets for sunglasses and cell phones- REI Trail 25 and REI Flash 22.
  • Tennis shoes or hiking boots. I usually wear boots if the hike is over 2-3 hours. Also, I try to avoid using my everyday tennis shoes to hike because they will wear out faster on trails.
  • Camel Bak reservoir– on longer hikes, pulling a water bottle out of your bag or carrying one in your hand is a real pain.
  • Layers- usually a long sleeve and a rain/wind coat, Eddie Bauer has awesome rain gear
  • SNACKS- my favorites are Trader Joes trail mix, Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter granola bars, and Honey Stinger chews
  • Sunscreen

Other hiking items to consider:

  • Bandaids
  • Kleenex
  • Toilet paper (and baggie to dispose of it)
  • Hand sanitizer (see above)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Beer to enjoy at the top of the hike

Enjoy your hikes this weekend!

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This week’s vacation hike to Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. This was a family friendly hike with paved trails to three different lakes. RMNP has a convenient and easy to use Shuttle service to get to various trailheads throughout the park.

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