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One year blogging anniversary

Hi everyone! So yesterday was my One year blogging anniversary! See the first posts here , here and here. I’m really happy to have made it to one year! A few things I learned this year:

  1.  There is SOOO much to learn about the blogging world in terms of websites, photography and editing, social media, and monetizing blogs.
  2. I like to make recipes not create them. The few recipes of my own are just a mix of ingredients and spices put together, but nothing creative.
  3. I learned a lot about website in terms of hostings, wordpress.org vs. wordpress.com, and a little bit of HTML code. Understanding websites is such an important part of business these days. I hope to keep learning more about this part of the business.
  4. How to get over my fear or reluctance to self promote myself on social media. I realized that people can unfollow or unfriend me on social media if they don’t want to follow along. I became okay with that.
  5. The blogging community is really awesome! I met a lot of cool bloggers virtually this year and I’m amazed by the community! I really love some of the facebook groups- Blogging for Keeps, Healthy Glow Co, and Inspiralized Community
  6. It takes time to be a sponsored blogger and it takes time to gain a consistent following. Social media is key to both of these!

In other news, its been a good week. I got in a swim/bike combo yesterday and it felt really good. If you are a triathlete, I highly recommend this article and video on swimming. I used some of these techniques in the open water yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

I’m supposed to get my first Nordstrom sale package today! I’m really excited to take a look at the dresses I ordered for weddings later this summer. Also, the sale has encouraged me to purge some of my wardrobe. I will be taking some clothes back to my parents in Minnesota for my sister to try. If she doesn’t like them, they will be going to charity! Wahoo! I used to tell myself for every article of clothing I bought, I should bring one item to goodwill. But thats hard to do when I’m online shopping so often.

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  • Naomi Y

    Congratulations on one year! I totally agree–the blogging community is fabulous! I’ve enjoyed my first six months so much and can’t wait for many more!

    • cmedwards08@gmail.com

      Thank you! Enjoy blogging its a lot of fun! So many ideas in my head these days for posts!