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Natural products

Wahoo it’s Friday! I’ve been having a hard time keeping track of the days on vacation. This is a good thing, but it does get a little confusing. This morning I left Denver really early and am driving to Minnesota. Check out instagram stories for more. I packed some healthy car snacks for the road! I’m excited to be in the Twin Cities with family and friends for a week and a half. Looking back on 2017, there have been some changes in my life. Mainly my health journey– but more on that in another post. Another thing I’ve been trying to change are products within the house. I’m trying to use more natural products without chemicals.

One thing I changed was my birth control. In August, I switched to the copper IUD which has no hormones. Initially, I thought this was causing my stomach pains, but it is unrelated. The biggest change with my IUD is that my periods have been pretty intense. This is one of the side effects of the IUD, however, I’ve been happy to hormone free.

Other natural products I’ve switched to

  • Tupperware— I’ve replaced a few of my tupperware containers with glass. I’d like to get more glass tupperware, and I’m thinking I will buy some with my Christmas money! Since I meal prep, I microwave my food often, and using glass avoids chemicals. This article explains about some of the harmful chemicals in plastic.
  • Dry Shampoo- I spoke a few months ago about how I love my dry shampoo. Honestly, the Living Proof Dry Shampoo works so well, but I know it has a lot of chemicals in it, I can even smell them when I use the dry shampoo. I recently got Primally Pure Dry Shampoo for dark locks– it seems to be pretty good, but the verdict is still out if I will continue to use it. Any other dry shampoo recommendations?


  • Lotion- I have a face and hand lotion I love. My face lotion is from Trader Joe’s and my hand lotion is Medline. I recently got Vitamin E Oil to use on my face and hands. It works pretty well, but it does have an oily feel to it. Right now, I’m using it at night and using my normal face lotion during the day. Any tips for using oil on your face?

  • Laundry detergent- For the past few years, I’ve used a natural laundry detergent. Mine is Seventh Generation from Target and I like it a lot! But I still hate that I spend $4 at my apartment doing each load of laundry. #Apartmentlife


  • Tampons- another product that doesn’t seem like it would be full of chemicals but it is. Ugh, toxins everywhere! I did some research, and I found these L. tampons that I like from Target. The last time I tried to buy them in bulk, the weren’t in the store, but I ordered online with my Red Card.

Natural Products I want to get

Switching to natural can be overwhelming and quite expensive. So I’ve been trying to make small switches throughout the year. The products I’ve found are great so far, and I think I will really benefit from these changes. I have a few natural products on my list for 2018–

  • Mascara- mascara is the main/only make up I wear daily, so I’d like to find a mascara that works well that is natural. Currently I use MAC mascara, and its SOOO good, but it smells like it has a lot of chemicals in it.
  • Soaps- I want to switch my shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. They are all from Trader Joe’s and biodegradable. I actually found them a few summers ago when I would shower in the lake up north. Weird, but its a camp thing. These are lower on my list to switch.
  • Hand soap, I have a big refill size container right now, so this might be later next year.

What about you? Do you use natural products? Any products I’ve missed that I should add to my list?


As an accountant, I’m trying to stock up on some household and beauty products before mid January. I really hate going to Target for things like that during busy season. I also want to get a few frozen soups made.

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