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My third Denver-sary

Three years ago, I left Minneapolis and drove the thirteen hours to DENVER!! Leaving the Midwest was a huge change for me, but I was happy to be heading to the mountains. I was so excited to hike, ski, and enjoy the Colorado sunshine!

Over these past three years, some of my closest friends have come from my first professional job. Even though some of them have moved on from our company to pursue other jobs, this is the first place I really met people. It was great starting a job with about 30 people who had just graduated from college, and many of them had just moved to Denver or were just moving back to Denver.

Another way I met people in Denver was that I connected with an old friend from home. This led to many fun softball seasons and memories. This also opened me up to an amazing friend group outside of work. I met so many DePauw alumni over the years who have become some of my great friends. (Thanks Meg and Conor for that one).

I also learned that I can be very introverted. After living alone for two years, I realized that I really do need my quiet time. If I’ve had a long day of work or day of being social, the next thing I want to do is sit alone on my couch. I always thought I would hate living alone, but I’ve really enjoyed it!

chataquah first-day-skiing badger-visitors

Pictured above- First hike to Chataquah Park, the first ski day of 2013, and my first visitors- college friends and old roommates.

Recently, I saw this Thought Catalog post on facebook- The Truth About Moving Somewhere New by Yourself. I really like these lines: “Moving somewhere new challenges you in ways you never knew were possible before. You learn things about yourself that you may have never been forced to learn unless you had put yourself in such a vulnerable position.” and “You learn to not only be accustomed to being by yourself, but to thrive from it. Self-responsibility and independence soars to a new level, as you must find a way to make ends meet. For every night you worry about how you will figure it all out, you will be pushed to work harder the next to find resolution.”

For me, moving taught me to value the old friendships and to work hard to keep them strong. A couple tips for keeping these friendships strong-

  • I talk to a few of my close friends on the phone once a week. They don’t have to be long conversations, but just enough so I still feel connected to their lives
  • I visit friends in different cities often. Even when we have reunion trips with multiple people, it’s always important to take a bit of time with each friend and catch up one-on-one. What are their next steps with work, friends, family, relationships, etc. Try to prod a little and find out something that they don’t always share.
  • I keep in close contact with my family. I talk to my parents regularly on the phone. I use an international chatting app to text and call my sister for free. She lives in Seoul, so I don’t get to visit her often, but we do talk a lot!

2016-05-07-13-55-16 2016-06-18-12-27-57 img_0983

2016 reunion trips (top L to bottom R): Kentucky Derby with college friends, Grandma’s marathon and half marathon with Denver friends , North Shore with camp friends (twice)

Sometimes it’s hard to be away from the Midwest, but I continue to be so incredibly happy with my decision to be in Denver. I’m excited to see what year four will bring and I hope those mountain views never get old.


Have you ever moved to a new city? What was it like?

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