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Meal prep tips

After a weekend in Crested Butte, yesterday felt like a serious Monday. I had so much fun skiing and snowshoeing with friends. The weather was great (aka sunny and minimal wind on the mountain). It was so fun to have a girls weekend in the mountains. When I got back from CB, I ran some errands and I did some meal prep for the week. I made veggie wild rice soup, and meal prep vegetarian breakfast burritos. Having breakfast made on Monday morning was a life saver, and it made the morning more bearable.

Since I graduated college and started in the “real” world, I have been a fan of meal prep. Meal prep has taken many stages, when I first graduated college, I would roast/saute a lot of veggies, and have some sort of grain prepared. Then I would take a sauce- pesto, Trader Joe’s red curry, peanut sauce, lemon and olive oil, and mix the veggies and rice. Over the past 6 months to year, I’ve started trying new recipes for meal prep.
I’ve been making full recipes, freezing soups, and trying new things. This has been a lot of fun for me, and I’ve learned a lot about cooking through it. Here are few meal prep tips I wanted to share with you!

  1. Chopping vegetables can be a royal pain. Just recently I recommended this chopper to a friend
  2. Plan Ahead!! Spending my Sunday at the grocery store, chopping vegetables, and cooking is less than ideal. I prefer to grocery shop and cook on different days if possible.
  3. Picking out a couple recipes before I go grocery shopping makes the process a lot easier. I really enjoy PBFingers and FitfoodieFinds. I also have the Inspiralized cookbook, and I plan to use it over the weekend.
  4. Have a few go-to meals, mine are burrito bowls and the go-to roasted veggies and grains bowl mentioned above. I usually have the grains in my kitchen, and just need some fresh veggies to finish off the meal.
  5. Breakfast meal prep is great!! I love scrambled eggs and veggies, I could eat it everyday. This meal is easy, but it takes up precious time when getting ready in the morning. Recently, I’ve been making PBFingers Customizable Egg Muffins, and this week I made FitfoodieFinds Vegetarian Breakfast Burritos

Do you have any meal prep tips to share? Do you meal prep when you can?

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