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March Madness

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday and more importantly, Happy March Madness. I’m a little bit obsessed, and I’m pretty excited to watch and follow along with a lot of games these next few weeks.

Do you participate in any March Madness pools? I’m in a few, two with my company, one with my church in MN, and one with Denver friends. I’m really excited to see how these next few weeks play out!


2015 Final Four in Indianapolis

I wanted to chat with you about my current workout regime. I think I’ve told you this, but I’m doing one month unlimited at Fierce 45. They are having a Mega March Challenge with a bingo card to complete as many items as you can, and to complete 21 classes in the month. Since I’m still doing OrangeTheory Fitness and some hiking and skiing, I won’t get to 21 classes. But I’ve enjoyed taking Fierce 45 classes all month. I’m taking about 2 classes a week right now.

OrangeTheory Fitness is my favorite workout class. I always get the best (and sweatiest) workout!

These days, my workout schedule has been three work days and two weekend days. I switched to this schedule in January because I was traveling a lot for work and working long hours. I have a really hard time getting up to work out when I’m in a hotel. The combination of late Sunday travel, the comfy bed, the blackout curtains, and a different routine make it hard to work out in the mornings. Since I usually landed late on Sunday, I decided that Monday would be on off day to sleep in. Then I would pick one other day to sleep in a little bit longer. For the past few months, this routine has really worked for me.

With all the classes I’ve been taking, I haven’t been running or swimming too much. There are a few reasons for this, a bit of irritation in my left leg. I think a lot of it is because of alignment from sitting so much. I’ve been trying to stretch and foam roll a lot, and I really think all the reminders about doing exercises in certain alignments at #Fierce45 have helped! I want to get back into swimming and running once March is over.

What is your workout schedule? Do you plan  your workouts?

Also, I’m considering doing ClassPass in April/May. Have you done it before? It seems like a great option in Denver and it has a few of my favorite studios on it.

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  • Mary Kathryn Allen

    I am a mom so I totally get the waking up struggle. I like to savor every min! I work out at home now, and follow the calendar for whatever program I use. I use it when I travel too, since I stream all my workouts, which is awesome! I also play water polo once a week (fellow pool lover!!)

    • Caitlin Edwards

      Thanks for sharing!!! Glad to hear about it!