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Marathon Monday

Happy Boston Marathon to all my runner friends out there. Congratulations to any runners! Marathon Monday is really hyped up in the running world. My favorite magazine has Runners World has been featuring Boston Marathon stories for a few months, and I really enjoy reading about the race.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, Boston Marathon is on Patriots Day each year and runs through the city of Boston by numerous colleges and has a huge fan base. To run Boston, you need a qualifying time or to run with a charity. Men under 34 need a 3:05 time or better to run the race, and women need a 3:35.

I’ve run 7 marathons and I’ve been just above the 4:00 pace which is roughly a 9:10-9:15 min/mile pace. I would need to run a less than 8:12 min/mile to qualify for Boston and men my age need to run a 7:03 min/mile race. Boston is a fun goal or idea for me, but I’ve never put in the training to run a 4:00 marathon. I’m always amazed by people who run Boston and proud of them.

This week, I’m also really proud of Galen Rupp. He switched the marathon in the 2016 olympic trials, and he came in second in Boston Marathon yesterday! I’m so impressed, I have fun watching his story in August.

Another cool story about the first woman to run Boston .

Also, Happy Easter! This weekend was a fun one! On Saturday I had one last ski day at Winter Park. The snow was garbage, but I’m still happy I made it out one more time. Sunday was filled with church, friends, and food. It was one of the first years that I didn’t go to Minneapolis for Easter. It turned out to be a really good weekend.


How was your weekend? Tell me about it!


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