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Los Angeles

Last weekend, I spent a few days in Los Angeles. I saw some great friends, enjoyed some amazing food, and went on a few fun hikes! It was really fun to be in Los Angeles with a local tour guide.


Highlights of the trip:

Poise Fitness . This is an hour long class based on integrated intervals. There are three rotations, strength, cardio (treadmill), and functional. There are ten rotations that are each one minute long. I really enjoyed this class because the hour went really fast between the different rotations. The instructor/coach demonstrated each exercise and there were also tablets with videos of the exercise. These videos helped me work on my form during the specific exercise. Another thing I liked during this class was that there was a rotation between specific treadmills, and spots on the floor. This made the rotations move really well without people running into each other during the class. However, one thing I didn’t like is that there were no mirrors in the room. Mirrors would have been helpful when doing new exercises.

img_1520 img_1517 img_1518

Avocado toast in Hermosa Beach. Seriously, avocados for breakfast are so good!

Nature walk to Terranea Resort and lunch at Nelsons. I tried Poke for the first time. Poke is a Japanese way of preparing fish that is usually made out with tuna. I had it in a Poke salad, but sometimes you can get it seared in rice or noodle dishes too.

img_1530 img_1527 img_1528

Laguna Beach Top of the World Hike– it was 6 miles long, and the last hill was VERY challenging!

Laguna Beach pier, seriously who else loved Laguna Beach back in the day?! I was such a fan girl back in the day.

img_1550 img_1556

Malibu to Parker Mesa Overlook hike it was about 7.25 miles road trip and it was pretty difficult! The views over the ocean, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades were great.



Home cooked dinner with friends!img_1588

Electric Bikes

Shopping on the various piers. I found some great knick knacks and a new dress while shopping throughout Los Angeles!

Overall, I really enjoyed ending my summer with a trip to LA. The South Bay area Hermosa beach, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach were so great. I loved being able to walk down to the beach and just hang out.

Have you ever been to LA? Any favorites?

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