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Hi everyone, remember me? Don’t worry I’m still here and hoping to post a bit more in the next few weeks. Hoping is a strong word though since work is still pretty chaotic. The warm weather and sunshine in Denver are helping me stay positive. I can’t believe its March already. I hope I get a few more great ski days in before the season ends.  Speaking of, I’m going to CRESTED BUTTE for the weekend with friends, and I AM SO EXCITED. Exploring and visiting new ski towns is my favorite.

Last week, I was at Fierce 45 , when you get class you write your name and intention on a chalkboard next to your Reformer machine. I’m not very good at coming up with a short one or two word intention. Usually I write something like fitness, flexibility (I am the least flexible person ever), stretching, and I hope that the instructor doesn’t notice. However, the other day in class our instructor told us to think about our intention will doing some strenuous lunge. I started thinking more about my intention for working out. One reason I enjoy working out is because it helps stabilize my mood and my anxiety. I choose to work out because of the way it makes me feel mentally and physically. Why do you choose to work out?

Going even further, what is your intention for each day? My intention on a work day is completely different than a weekend. I have found if I’m having a bad day, circling back and thinking about my intentions will instantly improve my mood. I usually listen to an uplifting song, and I can bring my mood to neutral or even happy. But if I let myself dwell in my negative thoughts, it can be hard to change my attitude.

Enjoy today my friends, and make sure to start with a great intention.

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