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Importance of Rest Days

​Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good Fat Tuesday! I used to love Mardi Gras when I was in college. I actually went to New Orleans a couple years. Now that I work full time in accounting, I don’t get that luxury. But we had king cake at work this week, so that was a fun surprise. Last weekend was a lot of fun, I did a lot of work, but then I flew home to surprise one of my friends at her bachelorette party. When I surprised her, there were a lot of happy tears, mine included. I wasn’t expecting that! Then I spent Sunday afternoon with my parents, our family dog died so we were pretty sad about that. But it was good to see family. Did you have a good weekend? Today I wanted to chat with you about rest days.

Rest days

I typically take at least one rest day a week. Sometimes two depending on my mood and what is going on that week. These days are such an important part of any fitness plan. When I was traveling for work, I always take Monday as a rest day because we land late from the airport. I look forward to my rest days and you should too!

Here are a few benefits to rest day-

  • Muscle rebuild- rest days give your muscles a chance to rebuild.
  • Remove lactic acid- you know that feeling when your body is really sore? Thats cause my lactic acid accumulation. If you are sore for more than 2 days straight, I recommend a rest day to let your lactic acid move its way out of your body.
  • Clear your mind- some people believe you have to exercise each day, but this is not true. Sometimes this thought obsessive thinking. Any disordered body image is unhealthy. Giving yourself a break once a week allows you to assess your physical needs.

If you ever see a training plan from 5K to marathon, there will be rest days built in. When I’m marathon training, rest days are AMAZING for your body and I love the chance to sleep in.  Also, if you are feeling ill, taking a rest day is so good for your body. When I was traveling, I had a hard time sleeping and there were a lot more rest days or sleep in mornings than I would have liked. However, my body needed it. Make sure to listen to your body!

What day is your rest day? Do you have the same rest day every week?


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