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Houston recap

Last weekend, I spent some time visiting a friend in Houston. After a bit of weather chaos and a flight change leaving OKC, it turned into a really fun weekend in Houston! We checked out a lot of great restaurants and a cool brewery! It was really awesome catching up with friends, and hanging out. I loved seeing my friends city! And to be honest, this Midwest girl had a great time. Houston at 75 degrees, I’ll take it!

I am excited to explore more of Texas in the next couple years! Austin and Dallas I’m coming for ya in 2017.

Weekend highlights

Karbach Brewing was a really cool place! I highly recommend it the beer garden was huge and the bands were fun! There were food trucks too! I had a blast at this place, and the sun came out while we were there. Felt like summer. I really liked their wheat beer!

Memorial park, there were so many runners at the park. They may have had New Years resolutions to keep, but it was cool to see so many people running. The park is about 3 miles around, and it was a fun loop! This is one of the more common running parks in the Loop of Houston.

Green Bay Packers!!! Omg such an intense game and I loved the outcome! I watched the end of the game in the Houston airport, and I nearly cried happy tears at the end. (No shame)

Restaurants I enjoyed- Down HouseAdair Kitchen, Common Bond- great scones and quiche, and Local Foods Houston. Julep was a classy place for cocktails!

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend, but I enjoyed the company I was with!

This curry red snapper “fish and chips” with kale caesar salad was so good. We all know that I eat Kale A LOT, but I don’t usually eat it raw. I think its too bitter that way, but with caesar dressing it was great. I know Caesar isn’t the healthiest dressing, but it tasted good!

Try this garden sammie from local foods! It was so tasty!! Brussel sprouts in a sandwich, YUM!

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