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Holiday vacation books

INTRO Over the holidays, I had a lot of down time. I spent a lot of time with family, but I had a lot of time off work, and I was able to relax. Everyone else had some time off, and a lot of my book holds at the library became available. I tried to keep up with them as much as I could, but the books were becoming available faster than I was able to read them. I wanted to share with you some of the holiday vacation books I read in the last month or so.

Holiday Vacation Books

Evicted– This book was another pick by the UW Go Big Read, this book looks at the eviction crisis in Milwaukee, WI. Going to school in Wisconsin, I had a lot of friends who grew up in Milwaukee. However, my friends are from the middle to upper middle class. Whenever I visit Milwaukee, I know it is a city that has a lot of poverty and crime. Reading this book made some of the issues very real for me. I was able to understand a lot more about poverty and how the cycle begins.

A Man Called Ove, this is another book that already made the blog. But I loved it! I’ve recently started listening to books while traveling through airports. The lyft to the airport, going through security, and waiting at the terminal add a lot of podcast or book time in my life. I finished this book within hours of when it was due back from the library, and I highly recommend!! There is also a movie version of this book which I might have to watch!


​Born to run – I told you guys about this book in another post, and my library version became available (Again) over the holidays. I finished the book and I love it just as much as I did when I read it in college. Highly recommend to any of your runner friends! It makes a for a great gift, I’ve gifted it for people training for their first race!

The Defining Decade – to be honest a friend told me about this book two years ago and I’ve had it on my kindle for awhile. I went about a year and a half between reading it. So when I restarted it, I started on page 1. This book talks a lot about issues that new millennial are facing in their twenties. It’s written by a psychologist who is writing through stories with patients. It’s a great book that should be read by 20 somethings.
Hillbilly Elegy – I listened to a book on a day in the mountains. This book is about the hillbilly lifestyle in the Appalachians and it’s written by someone who made it out of this poverty stricken life. The author went to Ohio state (bleh) and then got a law degree from Yale. He talks about issues that he dealt with in childhood and how that affected him culturally in the Ivy League system too. I really enjoyed the writing style of the book, and it gave me a lot of knowledge about poverty in today’s culture.

Currently reading

Born a Crime– Trevor Noah. I’m actually reading this book in electronic copy from the library. I have traveled to South Africa before for a service trip and vacation. Capetown is a place that I love, and I’m hoping to go back there in a few years.

The Breakdown– B.A. Paris- This book was recommended by Emma Coburn. Emma is an olympic athlete from Colorado who I follow on social media. I put this book on my library list when I had a lull in books. I got it on the audiobook version, and I’m planning to listen between travel.

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