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Healthy snacking

Womp womp, can’t believe its already November- birthday month, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday! It’s one of my favorite months! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Halloween, I had a lot of fun! Today, I wanted to talk with you about healthy snacking and how to TRY and do it. Let’s be honest, sometimes snacking and dessert and alcoholic beverages get in the way of a nutritious diet. But if we have balance and moderation, it’s perfectly okay to indulge!

Here are a few of my ideas on how to snack better:

  1. First and foremost, try to avoid purchasing unhealthy snacks. For me, chips are my serious downfall– nom nom nom salt. Most of the time I don’t buy chips for this reason. If they are outside of my apartment, it’s more effort to eat them.
  2. Eat healthy granola bars. I keep granola bars in my purse, and work bag because I get hungry all the time. If I eat a healthy granola bar, I will stop myself from a really unhealthy snack. By healthy granola bars, I mean bars that aren’t super high in sugar and calories. This can be a hard task, see Shopping Trader Joe’s for my favorite bars.Healthy Snacking
  3. Drink water, when I’m craving a snack, I try to quench it by drinking a cup of cold water. Drinking water helps your digestive system and it helps me distinguish between hunger and work day boredom.
  4. Eat protein heavy snacks. Eating something with protein will keep you full longer, and it will quench your hunger better than something high in sugar. I like to have overnight oats as a work day snack, or yogurt.
  5. Appetizers are snacks right? When I get an appetizer, I will either a) order a small dinner like a salad or another appetizer or b) I will eat half of my dinner portion at the restaurant and box the rest up for another meal. This helps me to avoid overeating and I still get a lot of different choices at restaurants. The other week, my friends and I ordered an amazing brussel sprout appetizer. There is so much good sauce on this appetizer that it might not even be healthy anymore haha. After this great appetizer, I got another appetizer for dinner that was smaller than an entree. I had plenty to eat without overeating, and I was able to feel good about my food choices.

I made The Healthy Maven’s Vegetarian Quinoa Chili over the weekend. It was delicious, I’ve been eating it for lunch. It was also really easy to make, I used Target brand simply balanced beans for the recipe!


Also check out, Trader Joe’s and Homemade Burrito Bowls

Do you have any tips for healthy snacking?

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  • Mackenzie with mackmarie.com

    Such great tips! I love trader joe’s but have never tried those bars.. I definitely will need to get on that!

    • Caitlin Edwards

      Let me know when you try those bars! They are great!

      Whats your favorite tip for healthy snacking?

      • Mackenzie with mackmarie.com

        I would definitely say something high protein!! Usually I go for quest bars or no cow bars because they are super high in protein and low sugar!