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Health update

Wahoo Thursday! It’s a weird week. I worked Monday and Tuesday in Denver, and the rest of the week I’m in Oklahoma City. OKC and I have become good friends with all my work travel, I come here about 5-6 weeks a year. This week I’m here til Friday and I’ve been enjoying a few of my favorite lunch and dinner spots. Have you been having a good week? Today I wanted to give you a health update.

I’ve chatted about my health in a few posts- here and here. I started to get stomach pain in August. The pain started on my lower right side, and then about 3 weeks in it started on my lower left side. Over time, I had a lot of OB/GYN and GI tests done, but nothing could solve the issue. One of my good friends got an appointment at the Mayo Clinic and I thought I would try since it’s so close to my parents house. While I was home, I got a last minute cancellation appointment at the Mayo Clinic.

I had really awesome doctors at the Mayo Clinic that gave me a lot of support. I had a lot of tests done, and I learned two things. 1) My IUD was abnormally placed and touching a muscle on the right side of my uterus. This probably caused the pain in the beginning so we removed it. 2) I have a visceral//functional hypersensitivity of my stomach. Any air/gas in my stomach can cause pain. The doctors gave me a medicine to try for this pain. I started it a few days ago, and we are seeing if it helps.

One positive is that my doctor said nothing is structurally wrong and gave me the go ahead to exercise. So I’ve been getting back into OTF, swimming, and other high intensity workout classes. I’ve been running a bit. I still have pain, but I’m hoping it will improve. Also, I’m happy that skiing doesn’t really affect my pain either. I’m still trying to balance fatigue and drowsiness (caused by my new medicine which I take at night) with busy season at work. I’ve missed a lot more morning workouts than I would have liked!



This week in workouts

Sunday: OTF, first time going in months, it felt pretty good.
Monday: Fierce 45
Tuesday: Run walk with a friend in the morning– BRRR it was really cold
Wednesday: Off

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