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Great Sand Dunes National Park + May Challenge update 2

Wahoo, we are almost through the week. How is it already June by the way? I can’t believe it! I’ve been loving the warm weather and summer rain in Denver. Although, I did get caught on my bike in a summer rain storm the other day. Summer rain storms in Denver last for like 15-30 minutes, and during this one it started hailing while I was biking home. NOT FUN. Other than that, things have been good this week. Just getting in the swing of things with work after about a 1.5 weeks of vacation.

Last weekend, I was at bachelorette party in southwestern Colorado. We spent a lot of time outside (thanks to Mother Nature for giving us nice weather! we were nervous all week!). On Saturday morning I went on a long 7 mile run. Look at this elevation change on the out and back run. It was very pretty!



After that, the whole group drove about 1.5 hours to the park. We planned to do a hike and then head to the Dunes, but there was a long line when we got to the park. It took us about 45 minutes to get into the park. We wanted to do a hike, but the weather looked like rain. Also walking uphill in sand is one of the hardest workouts ever. Calf burner for sure.



Great-Sand-Dunes-National-Park Great-Sand-Dunes-National-ParkGreat-Sand-Dunes-National-Park

May Challenge Update 2

  1. Things continued to go well with getting up early and avoiding my alarm.
  2. I have been able to drink less caffeine, wahoo, and enjoy my mornings a little more.
  3. After my triathlon on Saturday, I’m going to take a low key week and hoping to have some time to let my body sleep. But let’s be honest, I’ll never be a good sleeper.
  4. I hope to continue to avoid my snooze button, it really does make a difference on my mood in the morning.
  5. Over the weekend, I was considering a short run, I woke up naturally early (and hangover free) so my 4 mile run turned into 7 and I was really happy with it. It’s crazy how things change when you listen to your body in terms of sleep. The next day I slept in until almost 8am which is late for me. I was really happy with that.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions about my May Challenge. See the posts here: May Challenge, and May Challenge Update.

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