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Getting back into the gym

Hi everyone– happy Monday. Today, I’m in a Little Rock, Arkansas for a work trip. We got in late last night, and we will be here through Thursday.  When I travel for work, I spend a lot more time at the Hilton Hotels gyms. None of my favorite workout classes are convenient when I’m traveling. Luckily, the Hilton gyms aren’t usually that busy, sometimes I even get the gym to myself. Today I wanted to talk to you about getting back into the gym.

It seems like every year once January hits, gyms get SOOO busy with people working on New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions are great and all, but I still believe in healthy habit all year long. I remember when I started going to the gym in college, I had no idea what machines were, I didn’t really know how to lift weights, and frankly I was intimidated. In college the gym was always really busy so I never wanted to do anything silly or wrong.



Aaptiv is an app that can help you with this gym-timidation. This app has a variety of different programs- outdoor running, treadmill, ellipitcal, indoor cycling, rowing, stairclimber, strength training, stretching, workouts for weight loss, ab workouts, yoga, walking, meditation, partner challengers. They are also workouts for various distances of running training from 5K-Full Marathon. I have done a few Aaptiv workouts now, and they have been a lot of fun! I like the idea of group fitness even when I’m working out alone at the hotel gym. The trainers are enthusiastic and keep you motivated. When I was doing treadmill work, the trainer was giving treadmill specific cues such as “don’t hold on” and “keep your weight on the balls of your feet.” As someone who hates the treadmill, its good when I like a treadmill workout.

Check out Aaptiv’s tips for overcoming gym intimidation. Sign up for a trial on their website!




Have you tried Aaptiv before? Thanks to Amanda for letting me link up today!

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