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Friends and workouts

In college, I started running with a club called UW Running Club. For anyone in Madison who is looking for a low pressure, social running club, I highly recommend it. To be honest, it reminds me of the Pub Run that I frequent in Denver. This club gave me so much over four years: weekly training runs, Sunday long runs, future roommates, volunteer opportunities, race planning experience, and countless memories.

Eventually, I took a marathon training which was taught by the professor who helped run the club. We had 2x weekly runs, and I met a lot of people who also loved running. (Well sometimes we hated it on those morning long runs). At this time, we really followed the work hard, play hard mentality even when it came to our training schedule.

One thing I learned through these runs is that sometimes friends are what help you get through the long runs. Often times, I’ll go on a run with a friend and all of a sudden word vomit every issue going on in my life and throughout those miles traveled they help me work through it. Maybe its because when you run with someone else, you aren’t making eye contact, but seriously it gets people talking. These training runs with friends have brought me to so many goals over the years.

I posted this quote on my instagram in 2013 and it still holds true–run-quote

Here are a few articles from Runners World on running partners-

How to Pick the Right Running Partner, running partners can keep you honest and motivated

Running Partners that met at a garage sale, Encouraging someone to start running and watching them on their journey can be so rewarding!

Can Love and Running Coexist, I remember reading this a few years ago, and having the same goals and mindset going into a work out is so important.

One thing that also helps me to stay motivated in workouts is to have a workout class buddy!!! Shout out to my friend who goes to 5:15am OrangeTheoryFitness with me. The instructor must think we are loony for chatting at 5:15, but its a good time to catch up. More importantly, knowing that someone else will be there helps me get out of bed in the morning. (But not every week sadly).

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