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Friday food and faves

Hi everyone! Happy Fri-yay! I’m so excited for the weekend and these next few weeks! I’m going to Aspen for a few days this week with two amazing friends and their family. After that, I’m going to LA to visit a few other friends! It will be busy but it will be SO MUCH FUN! Often times, I miss an official summer vacation, but this year I have been able to take full advantage of my days off. ☀️🌲☀️

Last week I did some meal prepping, and I made two main dishes–

These bomb quesadillas! Sometimes I forget how easy it is to make quesadillas!  I made the guac and sauteed the veggies in advance, and then I just prepped and cooked them for dinner a couple nights! These quesadillas are stuffed with red peppers, red onion, yellow zucchini, kale, and cheese- YUM!

img_1287 img_1283

I also made this mushroom and cheese pasta from Pinch of Yum– its called their date night pasta, and it made for a great lunch last week. I used farmers market fresh kale and mushrooms. I also bought a local brand of pasta from the farmers market. I was able to eat this for lunch most days!

Last night, my bible study group planned to host an Italian themed potluck. Over e-mail we chose different dishes to contribute. I bought Annie’s Organic Crescent Rolls, and then I baked them according to the package. Everyone else brought a side dish, a main dish, salad, dessert, or wine! We were able to all chat (and be loud) without disturbing others at a restaurant. There was limited time that went into these dishes, but we were all able to save money compared to a dinner out at a restaurant. The desserts were great also, but I forgot to grab some pictures!

fullsizerender fullsizerender_1 img_1337

I definitely suggest planning a themed potluck with your friends! It was such a fun way to get together and hang out! This switched things up from the typical summer cook out and we all enjoyed our food (and wine).

Side note, last week I met someone who does not like olive oil. Seriously, I had no idea that was a thing. I cook EVERYTHING in olive oil. This friend told me that he cooks with avocado oil instead, which I’m sure tastes great!

Things I’m loving-

  • These new nikes— I like the look because they are a bit more “everyday” or fashionable than some of my other running shoes. I’ve been wearing them around town these past few days, and I love them. So happy I WON them at the Boulder Running Company ladies night!
  • There are so many things I could share that I love from the Olympics, but these German Twins who finished a full marathon together top the list! Obviously, I love marathons, but I also love the team work that happened in such an individual race. Congrats to the Hahner Sisters!
  • Hardcopy photos! I printed a bunch of pictures from the last two years at Target this week and I can’t wait to update my fridge and picture frames!

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