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Friday Faves #7

Hey everyone! Friday!! Wahoo! It’s been a busy but fun week. I’ve had a lot of different things at night. On Monday, I had a gift exchange with my girls bible study, I got a set of four adorable coasters, some other gifts were moscow mule mugs, candles, jars, and jewelry. Also, this was my last week of teaching confirmation for a few months. I’ve really enjoyed working with the middle schoolers at church and helping out. They can be a bit of a pain, but I’ve learned a lot from them.


Now onto the Friday Faves!

Speck case– a couple weeks ago, i was feeling bored with my phone case. I’d always gotten otter box cases, but one of my friends recommended Speck. I ordered a purple case (to match all my other purple accessories). I’m really happy with this case, but I haven’t dropped it and checked it for durability! Yes, I still have an iPhone 5… don’t judge me too much.

Speck phone case


Not a favorite, Phone chargers. I always seem to lose them!!! I bought a few new ones at the gas station the other day. But one of my favorites is car chargers, my battery always seems to be dying, so a car charger is very useful!

Paisley and sparrow bag- I started following Paisley and Sparrow on instagram a few months ago, and I love their stuff. I just bought this purse and I’m obsessed. Paisley and Sparrow is a company that gives back, when you make a purchase, you give back to a woman and their family in Ethopia. I love this idea. One of my high school friends would love to start a boutique that gives back like that.

Paisley and sparrow bag

Lena Denver– I love this restaurant so much!!! It was ranked as one of the best new restaurants in Denver in 2015.  This restaurant features Latin American food, and it is pretty close to my apartment on Broadway. It’s a fun location, I went with some friends last weekend, and then we stopped at a bar on the way home. Try the Yucca Bread and the Empanadas Verde!

Camelbak Podium Water Bottles– I’m obsessed with these water bottles. I’ve had a few of these over the years, but they are great sturdy water bottles for every day. See more here and here. They are great for bikes, or just every day!



Friday and Saturday: Skiing at Steamboat, the powder kept me on my feet and made my legs burn!!
Sunday: 3.5 mile run around the park
Monday: Fierce 45 Lagree class, and 8 mile bike ride to work!
Tuesday: OFF day, it felt good to stay in bed in the morning.
Wednesday: 8 mile bike ride to work and an evening leg workout. Found this one @jimwhitefitness. I did two sets and it took me about 20 minutes. 30 lunges each leg was a lot at a time!! But I felt good after this workout and I got a good sweat.

Thursday: OTF for my friend Kelly’s birthday! Happy birthday Kelly! We did a strength day with lots of uphill running!

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