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Friday Faves #24

Hi all! Happy Friday once again. Have you been working this week? I only worked one day this week, and some of my friends who work in public schools are off too. Monday is going to be a rough reality after all this time off. PLUS we start getting busy on Monday– hello busy season !! I’m waking up in the mountains today, and I’m happy to be here. I’m staying with some friends at a condo in Frisco. We have been exploring the Summit County mountains this week. Shoutout to my friend who is in from San Francisco! So glad it worked to see you! Today I wanted to share some Friday Faves #24 with you. A lot of this stuff has to do with gifts and the holidays, so enjoy!

Friday Faves #24

  • Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook– I got this cookbook for my birthday a few weeks ago! So far, I’ve only made one recipe, but I really liked it! All the recipes in the book are plant-based, this was my first time making a cashew cream sauce and it turned out really good. You wouldn’t know that it’s vegan! Hoping to make more of these recipes in 2018.


  • Swany Ski Gloves– I got a new pair of ski gloves for Christmas. I lost my other pair in Madison after a football game. Could have guessed I would lose something when I’m out from noon until midnight… Oops! I’ve been buying these gloves for years, and I highly recommend them Check out some of my other ski gear recommendations!
  • Athleta Vest– Athleta kills it again! This vest was another Christmas gift that I picked out for myself. But seriously it’s amazing! It is shorter in the front and longer in the back so wearing leggings underneath is great. It’s also really warm without feeling bulky. Friday-Faves-24
    I’m wearing the vest here, and I wore it most of the time I was in MN.
  • HGG Reset– I’ve mentioned before that I’m an ambassador for the Healthy Glow Co– their newest product is the Healthy Glow Guide Reset. It’s a four week meal plan intended to make you feel amazing. There are 60+ brand new recipes, grocery shopping lists, and meal prep strategies, snack ideas, tips to honor your hunger, and a weekly journal. This product is currently on sale for $10 off with the code RESET10 . Please reach out on instagram if you have more questions. Also Monique and Lee are hosting a live webinar on Sunday Jan 7th to talk about their wellness journeys, the webinar is free, but sign up on their website in advance.
  • Family time- I had a great time in MN with family and friends. A lot of nights were spent relaxing, and going to bed early. It was really nice to rest and watch movies. Often times, I plan myself out to be go go go and it’s always nice to take it easy. I have perpetual FOMO, so I’m not very good at this. Also, my extended family was in town for a few days over New Years which was a lot of fun!!

Whats new with you guys? Any faves from across the web? Linking up with Amanda today! Thanks for letting me link!

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