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Friday Faves #22- Clothes

Hi everyone! Is everyone recovered from their Halloween hangovers (candy or alcohol??). I was pretty sluggish on Sunday after Saturday evening’s events. It’s been a weird week, I’m still feeling super fatigued so I haven’t gotten much exercise in. I’ve been in Denver all week working downtown which has been really nice. I’ve been biking to work which I really enjoy.  And per usual, the Denver weather is bipolar, we had a 70 degree day followed by a 30 degree day. Denver, you cray. Today I wanted to share my Friday Faves- #22 with you! We are chatting about clothes! Also!!! Happy birthday to my best friend Claire! See you soon Clairey!

Friday Faves #22

First off, I’m not a huge clothes fanatic, but I do love shopping online. I read a few blogs that give me great ideas- The Fox and She, The Golden Girl, Kelly in the city, and Lows to Luxe. Oh and Fitfoodiefinds has some clothing/lifestyle stuff too! I remember in college (5 years ago… crap) when I would buy a new shirt or top every few weeks to go out. I would shop at some lower quality stores where I could get a bigger quantity of items. Now, approaching age 28, I really value high quality clothes. Most of the stuff I buy is from Nordstrom, Athleta, Loft, or some other athleisure brands. For work, I wear dresses most days, but I love my comfortable sweater or sweatshirt dresses. Now that it’s winter I’m wearing tights or leggings under them most days. When I’m not working I’m almost exclusively in athleisure. I’ve told you I love Zella, Athleta, and Oiselle before.

  • Gibson at Nordstrom- I recently discovered this brand from the bloggers listed above. I have two of their sweaters now, and I love them. They are SOOO soft that it feels like you are wearing a blanket. This convertible cowl neck that can be a cowl neck OR an off the shoulder shirt. I was a little nervous it wouldn’t look flattering, but it looks great as both styles.  I bought the dress in red to switch it up, and obviously rep my Badgers!Friday-Faves-Clothes
  • Leith- Leith dresses are the best. If you follow any other fashion bloggers, you will have seen these all over the internet. I have the long sleeve version in grey an a burgundy color. But I think the tank dress is super cute too! They are really flattering and super comfortable (which is obviously important). I got the burgundy one over the weekend and I already wore it once. And it will be coming on my work business trip too.

Halloween creativity- in college Halloween was quite the event. Madison used to flood with a few thousand people visiting for Halloween each year. Some years, I had three different costumes, it was so much fun. These days, I still love Halloween but my costumes are a mix of something I own with some accessories. Cue this years’s Party Animal costume.




I’m weirdly already thinking about Thanksgiving food…. usually I bring one side dish down to my aunt and uncles in southern MN. I’m excited to see family and friends that week! Wanted to share a few recipes I’ve made recently or are thinking about making.

  • This healthy 7 layer dip was really tasty. Made it for book club last week and it was a hit. Also, I used layer 1 the yogurt with hot sauce and spices and added tomato and guac to it. My friends loved it too!
  • This cornbread was soooo delicious. Growing up, we ate Jiffy Cornbread with homemade chili a lot. This uses Jiffy cornbread and adds some extra ingredients, I loved eating the leftovers!
  • I have a weird love for onions, so this dip was awesome too!
  • Last year, I made a homemade green bean casserole, this one looks awesome too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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