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Friday Faves #2

Hi all, just popping in to say happy weekend! It’s been a busy week between work, and activities and I’m happy to be taking today off! I flew out to Seattle for a girls weekend with some friends, and I am so excited to explore the city! Let me know if there have any must see ideas while visiting Seattle.

Now that fall has hit, it seems like all my organizations have a big push going on. My non-profit has a couple events coming up, we have a few big deadlines at work, and then getting ready for fall and the upcoming holidays. I can’t believe that it is nearing the end of September. Where did the year go? I always feel so old thinking that, isn’t that something that only adults say? Sometimes I like to think I’m still a child and not an adult. Woof, I’m almost 27. Well here goes my Friday faves and this week’s workouts.

Friday Faves


These kale chips are sooo good! I liked the flavor a lot and I think the price was reasonable too!


Fall is here! Can’t wait to roast this acorn squash next week and have squash seeds!

Hand wax

Have you guys ever tried paraffin hand wax? One of my neighbors had it when we were younger. My dentist has one, and its a great treat at the dentist. My hands felt soooo smooth!

Jade plant

I love this new jade plant I bought to spice up my apartment. It’s easy maintenance and it brings a little bit of spring/summer back into my place.

This week’s workouts

Saturday: 4.5 mile hike to Mt Evans summit , I highly recommend it!
Sunday: no workout, walked to the farmers market, and around the park (about 1 mile)
Monday: 45 min bike ride after work, the gnats were really bad. I think I ate three or four! EWW
Tuesday: Nothing, it was a busy day so I took it off to get some sleep!
Wednesday: Rollerblade in the morning for about 35 minutes, 5 miles.
Thursday: Orangetheory with a sub instructor, the class was endurance and we did one round of three groups. I really enjoyed this class!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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