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Friday Faves #15

It’s FRIDAY! I’m so excited for the weekend, tonight I’m grabbing drinks with a couple friends in Denver (hi Kylie). Tomorrow @ 6am (EEEEK) I’m heading to Wisconsin for a quick reunion with college friends and Wedding Shower for my friends Abbey and Jake. So excited to celebrate them! It’s been a few weeks since I did Friday Faves, but don’t worry I didn’t forget about them! Here’s this week’s edition of Friday Faves #15

Friday Faves #15

  • Kombucha- I’ve been loving it lately! The farmers markets started in Denver a couple weeks ago, and I have been buying Trubucha Kombucha. I even bought a growler from them to get kombucha all summer. It’s $7 for 32 oz which lasts me a few days, so its a great deal. Also I love supporting local!


  • Evening walks- I’ve gone on some great walks around the park at night recently. Sometimes I’m walking solo and a few times I’ve been with friends. I love how it stays light late. It really feels like summer!
  • Smores- last weekend my friends had us over for dinner and a bonfire. We made smores and they were delicious! One thing I love about Colorado is no mosquitos. Being outside without bug spray on is AWESOME.Friday-Faves-15
  • 10 Ways to Spend a Perfect Night in (W/o netflix)
  • 3 miles or 30 minutes
  • OTF Pride

Friday Flashbacks

The first friday faves post, obviously about food

Friday faves #6- shoes, food, and workouts


With all my triathlon training, I haven’t been sharing my workouts with you. I was excited to do some classes this week since I am not following a training plan.
Saturday: RACE
Sunday: off day which was surprising hardly for me. So I went on an evening walk with a friend around the park which is about 3.5 miles. I also ran some errands on my bike and biked about 5 miles during the day.
Monday: Tried to take it easy, 1 min run 1 min walk for 3 miles.
Tuesday: OrangeTheory Fitness, endurance day
Wednesday: Transform Colorado class in the am with a friend and 2 mile run after work for #GlobalRunningDay
Thursday: OTF again,
Friday: Morning bike ride

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