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Friday Faves #14

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. There were a few rainy days in Denver this week and I’m really happy its the SUNNY weekend. Going to a Rockies game this weekend and not much else planned, and I’m pretty excited about it. I hope to study ACE CPT training and see some friends. In other news, I got asked to be a Confirmation mentor at my church which I’m really excited about. I will be working with a middle schooler to complete her confirmation project over the summer. We will be meeting on Sunday and I can’t wait to learn more.
Also HBD Maren! From the awkward middle school days to your 26th birthday, I’m sending lots of love. Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks.

Friday Faves #14

  • Mi Cocina in Dallas: A couple weeks ago when I was in Dallas, I met a friend for dinner at Mi Cocina. I was told to try Tex Mex and I really liked my veggie enchilada and my Mambo Taxi. It’s a sangria/margarita mix thats blended. So tasty!

Friday-faves-14 Friday-faves-14

  • REI Packing Bag: I ended up at REI in Southlake, TX and I found this packing cube. It is amazing. You can fit so many things in it and it saves so much space in your suitcase. Shout out to Gina for telling me about it! Can’t wait to use this on upcoming summer trips, might have to get another one for dirty clothes too.Friday-faves-14
  • Purple Carrot: a meal delivery plan for plant based food. It looks really cool, and they have a lot of great articles on why you should eat plant based food. Some of the reasons are similar to my Vegetarian Eating reasons. “The fastest way to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch to a plant-based diet.” and “It takes 1850 gallons of water to produce 1 lb of beef vs 39 gallons for 1 lb of vegetables.”
  • Cookouts- A couple weeks ago we had a bible study dinner at my friends apartment building. I bought a bunch of veggie burgers, so I’m ready for grilling season! I really like the Trader Joe’s veggie burgers, they have good flavor and don’t remind me of GardenBurgers 😛Friday-faves-14
  • 10 Best Fitness Classes for Runners, Lagree Fitness made the list. Also, TRX classes, wow that sounds difficult and fun to do a whole TRX classs.

What things are you loving this week?

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