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Friday Faves #13

Hi all! I started the day with a run/swim workout combo. Now getting ready at my place and heading to Dallas after work. It’s a short trip, landing in Denver on Sunday at lunch, but I’m really excited. I’m visiting a friend for her Wedding Shower. Remember the hiking engagement story from November, it’s getting close to their wedding! Can’t wait! Well back to the series, I’m excited to share my Friday Faves #13 with you!

Friday Faves #13

Present Over Perfect-

This book was a great read that reminded me to slow down sometimes and actually allow myself to feel emotions. Often times being super successful in today’s world means putting relationships on hold. Being present is so important in today’s culture. I read this book a few weeks ago, and I recommended it to a friend also. Thanks to my friend who recommend it to me! (Click the photo to learn more)

S-town– A few friends on my softball team told me about this podcast. I really liked Serial Season 1, so I decided to give it a shot. I was fascinated and I might have listened to the whole series in 5 days, oops! Have you listened to it yet? Let’s chat if you have! My other favorite podcast is Freakonomics.


Tag Restaurant Group in Denver. Denver has really great food, there are a lot of innovative clean eating options here. I love them all. This week, I found myself at three Tag Restaurant Group restaurants. Last Friday, I went to Bubu with a co worker, Bubu is a fast casual lunch spot with many types of bowls or salads. I always go to for the Thai Noodle Bowl. Then Friday night, I ended up at the new Los Chingones Restaurant with a friend. They have really great mexican food, and I love the Bean Dip! Try it! Today for a work event I went to Tag, the original restaurant. They have a lot of great dishes, but I got the taco sushi and the seafood potstickers. I highly recommend both of them!


Friday-faves-13 Friday-faves-13

Lastly, I’ve been doing this foam roller exercise set a few times a week. Foam rolling can be so important and it’s a cheap massage. Thinking of buying a firmer plastic foam roller soon!

Week in workouts

Monday: off, it was much needed
Tuesday: 4 mile run and 750 swim
Wednesday: 10 mile bike
Thursday: OTF power day with a friend
Friday: 3 mile run and 500 swim

How I felt: triathlon training is more time consuming than I expected. With busy nights after work, I’ve been doing morning workouts this week. Getting up has been difficult but hoping to make a habit of waking up at my first alarm. Wish me luck haha. But the double workouts give me triathlon confidence and I’m getting used to them. Maybe taking Saturday off , but ready for a double workout on Sunday!

Whats new with you? Anything fun going on this weekend?

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