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Friday Faves #12

It’s been a weird week in Denver, snow on Tuesday and sunshine the last couple days. In the midwest, it felt like it was grey/gray from November to April. Also, the snow never melted and it was always this brown/black dirty snow on the side of the road. Not too appealing to look at, hahaha. I hope it was nice this week wherever you are reading from! On to this week’s Friday Faves #12-

Friday Faves #12

I just finished up a March Challenge at Fierce 45, and I currently have┬ámy once a week membership at OrangeTheory Fitness. I’m starting to swim more because of my upcoming triathlon, but I’m thinking about joining ClassPass? My sister has it right now, they have really great introductory rates. I’ve heard good things about it too!

As it gets closer to Easter, I want to have a fun brunch/lunch with friends. Quiche is one of my favorite foods, but I’ve never actually cooked one. Considering making one for Easter. Whats your favorite breakfast food?

Last week, when my friends were visiting, we made a trip to Fort Collins. I hadn’t been to New Belgium in a almost a year, and I was so excited. If you’ve never been, the New Belgium tour is free and gives you a lot of beer, and its really fun to learn the history. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE New Belgium Beer. I’ve been obsessed with Fat Tire since college (when I finally started drinking really beer, and enjoying it!). I love their Pumpkick beer, and I was so excited that their spring Watermelon Ale was out. Actually, I love their summer beer too, I don’t discriminate :).

We also went to Austin’s in Fort Collins, its one of my favorite restaurants there. I got a crab stuffed and fried avocado. It was amazing!

This week was a little weird for workouts, I took Sunday off with my friends in town. Then I ran on Monday since I was on vacation. I did short workouts on Tuesday and Thursday night. 25 minutes in the pool and 25 minutes rollerblading. Working out at night is always a little weird for me, but I’m glad I got the workouts in while I could. Today, I started the day off with OrangeTheory Fitness. It was a hard class.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I’m working a half day and heading to Opening Day for the Colorado Rockies. I can’t wait!

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