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Friday Faves #11

Hi everyone, Happy Friday. I am back with Friday Faves #11. I hope you all had a good week, I’ve been pretty busy. Things will slow down soon, and I can’t wait! What’s on your weekend agenda? I’m planning to watch a lot of basketball. Go Badgers!


Sunny Sundays
The last two weekends, it has been really nice in Denver. The temperature was in the 70s and 80s, and I’ve been able to be outside on Sundays. Two weekends ago, I went hiking in Boulder (expect a Boulder post sometime soon), and last weekend I was able to be outside on my bike and playing softball with friends. I’ve been loving the sunshine, but I’m conflicted because I still want to get a few good ski days in. Hopefully, the mountains will get some snow soon enough!

Friday-faves-11 Friday-faves-11

Backcountry Deli
During the work week, we go to backcountry alot! I love their sandwiches so much. By that, I mean I love the one sandwich that I always get there- the Sherpa. The main reason I like backcountry is for their bread. The baguette is always really tasty. Have you ever had backcountry? My coworkers love the Dirty Bird, which isn’t on the menu.

Five on black– OMG, this restaurant is awesome! It’s a brazilian grill that is order at the counter, fast-casual style. You pick the ingredients for your bowl as you go through the line. You pick a base (rice or greens), dish (meat or veggies), side, sauce, and toppings. This restaurant started in Montana, but recently got a Denver location. If you work downtown denver, i highly recommend checking it out. Added bonus, they had club-type music playing the last time we were there.



Movement climbing gym. Last weekend, I went to the climbing gym. Since I moved to Denver, I’ve been outdoor climbing about 5 times, and to the gym a handful of times too. Two of my friends are really into climbing and have taught me a lot over the years. I belayed yesterday too. Rock climbing can be a big investment, but its a lot of fun. Movement also has fitness classes, climbing classes, and a gym with equipment.

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