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Friday Faves #10

I love waking up in the mountains, last night my friend and I drove to Gunnison, CO. Today, we will be making the last leg of the drive to Crested Butte for a couple days on the slopes and some snow shoeing! I got a pair of snow shoes with some Christmas money from REI, and I am excited to use them. I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! It’s been awhile with Friday Faves, and I am excited to share Friday Faves #10 with all of you!


Roasted Edamame- I love this stuff! It’s a perfect work day snack with a bit of protein. It’s not too heavy, and it’s got the right amount of salt. If you are new around here, you might not know, but I am a salt girl. I crave it like crazy. You won’t see me eating sweets very often, but salt has my heart.


Off the shoulder tops– recently I’ve been buying a lot of off the shoulder tops. I love them, they are the perfect mix of feminine and comfortable. I have found a lot of great ones at Nordstrom and through a fashion blogger friend Blair.


Headlamp hat- This week, I went on an evening run, using a new headlamp of sorts. To be honest, it’s a winter hat with lights attached. It was awesome! The lights were strong enough for my run, and it was so much lighter than my headlamp. There wasn’t the bouncing that you sometimes experience with a headlamp.


Resistance bands– I’ve been incorporating these into my stretching and foam rolling routine. Sadly had some minor soreness in both of my legs, and so I’ve been foam rolling a lot. Maybe I should invest in a real massage, but I haven’t had time. I got these resistance bands at Target.


Denver Restaurant Week– if you haven’t checked out Denver restaurant week, I highly recommend it. It goes through this weekend. There are $25, $35, $45 preset menus. Last week, I went to Beatrice and Woodsley. I didn’t take any pictures, but their fixed price menu was great. I got a salad, pasta, and then roasted pineapple and short bread dessert. It was all pretty good, but the portions were still small for $35. Their wine pairing (an additional $16) was great too!!!

What are you up to this weekend?

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