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Food allergies

Hi everyone! Congrats on making it to Thursday! I’ve had a fun week in Minnesota. I went to a baseball game on Tuesday night with my dad and SISTER. My sister flew back from Europe this week, and she will be spending some time in the US. I saw a few friends this week between workouts and dinners. I’m taking tomorrow off (wahoo summer) and heading to Madison, WI for a wedding! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? The weather looks pretty nice for my Friday morning long run. I know I’m a crazy runner when I use my days off of work to go on a long run. Today I wanted to chat with you about food allergies.

Growing up, I only had a few friends who had food allergies. Over the past few years, many more children and now young adults are diagnosed with food allergies (of various severities) and food intolerances. For awhile, I thought I had food allergies too. Turns out it was stress and the copious amounts of alcohol I drank as a college student. However, as soon as I get really stressed, my stomach starts to act up again too.

But that’s besides the point, food allergies have become really common over time. I have a few friends with food allergies (including some severe ones which will cause her to stop breathing).  I wanted to share a few tips for eating with friends who have food allergies.

Food allergy tips

  1. If you are going out to eat, let the person with the food allergy pick the restaurant or suggest a few restaurants. When someone lives with a food allergy, they have a general idea of places they can and cannot eat. Starting with their suggestions will help all of you find a place that works.
  2. Keep all packaging. If you are cooking, do not throw away packaging before your friends with food allergies can take a look. These friends will prefer to spend the extra minute reading the packaging, before getting sick or having an allergic reaction.
  3. After eating a few meals with these friends, you will start to understand the types of meals that work best. For my friends with allergies, mexican is usually a good meal and so is grilling out for dinner.
  4. Be patient and very accepting. When someone struggles with food allergies, they don’t want to be a hassle. These individuals want to eat food that will help them feel good. It’s important to remember that they are your friends, family, coworkers, and be accepting of their food choices. If you were in the same situation, you would want patience and acceptance too.

Do you have any other tips for food allergies?

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