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Fitness update

Earlier this year, when people would ask me what my dream job would be. I would tell them, that if I could make my current salary I would be a full time fitness blogger, and a group fitness instructor. Fast forward to July, and I started blogging part time. Over the past few months, I’ve been taking more and more group fitness classes, and I’d been liking them a lot. In October, I started looking into a couple studios and asking about what certifications I would need to teach there.

I had been looking at a couple courses- Certified Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor. I was looking at a couple courses that were pretty similar. ACE, NASM, and AFAA were the courses I was looking at. They all seemed comparable, and on Black Friday, there were a few sales. Now I’m currently enrolled in ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and AFAA Group Exercise. I’m very excited about these courses and what they will bring for me.



I will still be working my full time job, but I think that these courses and eventually teaching will greatly enrich my lifestyle. I’m very excited about them. One other thing I needed to do with these courses was become CPR certified. As a camp staff member, I was certified before. I signed up for a Red Cross course that is blended, which means a portion of it will be online and then I will have a live skills class as well.


Are any of you certified in Group Exercise of Personal Training? I’d love to hear about your adventures. A few of my friends have been certified before, but they stopped using the certifications and stopped taking continuing education credits. I hope these courses will be something I can use throughout my life and keep them active! Please let me know if you have any questions about these courses and wish me luck!


Monday: Off day
Tuesday: evening OrangeTheory Fitness class. I usually take morning classes, but due to travel and scheduling, I went after work this day! OTF is currently doing 12 days of fitness with different specialized (and difficult) workouts each day. This workout had a lot of all outs on the treadmill. More to come on that!
Wednesday: Morning Jillian Michaels workout, I wanted to run outside, but it was snowing and my phone said felt like 7 degrees. I’ve gotten a little wimpy to running outside this year so far. But I hope to get back outdoors again soon!
Thursday: Morning OTF with a new instructor!


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