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#FitLifeTip: SOS rehydrate

Hi guys! Happy Friday! It’s been a long week hasn’t it? I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get a second blog post out. But here we are! I was in Oklahoma City from late Sunday to Thursday. I got back to Denver last night and I’m happy to be in town. I’m not sure whats on the agenda for this weekend, I’m hoping to make it to Steamboat for Saturday afternoon and evening. Today I wanted to chat with you about a #FitLifeTip: SOS Rehydrate.

#FitLifeTip: SOS Rehydrate

I heard about SOS Rehydrate about a year ago because my friend Danielle works for their company. I started using their packets in marathon training. SOS is a rehydration which helps increase hydration (obviously), focus, stamina, and physical performance. Sometimes I take SOS after a night of drinking. Recently with all this travel, I’ve been taking an SOS packet daily. I can’t confirm, but I think its helped me avoid getting sick so far this year.


Last year during Chicago Marathon, a lot of my friends complained about stomach issues. They told me they think the gatorade was very strong and it upset their stomach. This is one place where it would have been handy to have SOS. SOS comes in small travel sized packets, and its made by GI doctors. This would have helped avoid some of the negative stomach issues during Chicago Marathon.

I recently became an ambassador for SOS, so if you want to learn more or make a purchase let me know. SOS is full of electrolytes, and it comes in various flavors- Berry, Citrus, Coconut, and Mango. Berry and Citrus are my favorite flavors, but I’m starting to like coconut more!

Do you guys have a rehydration drink you like for training?

Also, its been a weird week in terms of workouts. I’ve been soooo busy with work and having a hard time sleeping. I usually have NO problem falling asleep, but two nights this week I was wired with anxiety at night. To combat this, I’m trying to watch my caffeine intake, especially after lunch. The days I had problems sleeping I had a two pm Earl Grey tea. I know that tea doesn’t have too much caffeine in it, but I seem to be affected.

This week in workouts

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: rest day (felt a little off when I went to bed Monday like I was coming down with a cold or something. so I choose to sleep in)
Wednesday: treadmill walk/run for 20 minutes and 10 minutes of full body
Thursday: late (10PM) 3 mile run. Should have worked out in the morning, but ugh anxiety when falling asleep
Friday: Fierce45 before work

Thanks Amanda for letting me link up today!

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